Razer Insider CES Appreciation Remedial sale


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Razer's CES sale went crazy and a lot of people missed out, so they promised a remedial sale.

Well, apparently they launched it already and a lot of people didn't notice.


North America: From 6:00PM PST on Jan 19, 2015 to 5:59PM PST on Jan 20, 2015

CLICK HERE for NA thread.

Europe & United Kingdom: From 8:00AM CET on Jan 20, 2015 to 7:59AM CET on Jan 21, 2015 

CLICK HERE for EU thread.

Asia Pacific, including Australia: From 6:00PM PST on Jan 19, 2015 to 5:59PM PST on Jan 20, 2015

CLICK HERE for AP thread.

As of this post, a few key things are already gone (eg, chroma keyboard, ultimate, few others).

However, for anyone that wants anything else half off and is in the market for them or missed out the first round:

CLICK HERE to get your Razer insider code from the first round (note: NO NEW CODES ARE BEING DISTRIBUTED)

If you want to avoid any difficulties, while in checkout phase, check out as guest. There have been many reports of codes being lost to "unauthorized payment". For further questions, head to the respective threads.

In my case, I'm probably not getting anything unless they restock the Chroma stealth keyboard. Was the onlly thing I really wanted. 


Razer handled this whole thing terribly. From the code mixup, the (I guess CEO) being a douche on Twitter about the codes worked 'for the umteenth time" comment (something to that effect) and now the makeup sale being a bit quiet. Maybe an idea would have been to email those who they were so pushy about linking their accounts?

Oh well, that's how it goes. Gratz to those who got in on the sale. Wanted a Razer keyboard to go with my Naga, but at this point I'm a bit disenchanted with Razer as a company.
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