Rite-Aid BonusCash rewards for 30-Dec-18 to 5-Jan-19 ... 12% back on Xbox & Google GC's, plus 75% off AtGames emu's


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I'll preface this by saying I can't find the deal in the 2 current ads (1 for the week, another for all January), but I definitely read the small print, so while YMMV, it's probably going to work out fine. :)

On the shelf-tags for $50 Xbox & $50 Google Play GC's, you'll find the following offer ... "$6 wellness+ rewards BonusCash when you buy $50 of GC's, with the offer good Dec. 30th to Jan. 5th, and limit 2 offers (so spend $100 and get $12 BonusCash).

FYI ... based upon my own experience, the limit of "2 offers per customer" is tracked by your "wellness+ rewards" card, so you'll need to limit yourself to 2 offers (per wellness+ card). You also must track the limit on your account yourself, because if you buy more than the limit of 2, regardless of the "congratulations" message that appears on the cashier's display for getting BonusCash on this purchase, the receipt will still reflect any limit you've met from prior transactions. You also only have 60 days to spend the BonusCash, so don't sit around too long on it, and remember BonusCash can't be used towards other GC's, alcohol, and Rx's.

Now for the usual small print at the bottom of their ads ...

*BonusCash will be awarded when you purchase eligible promoted items. Wellness+ BonusCash will be loaded automatically to wellness+ rewards card only for use in-store or at riteaid.com, beginning at 6AM on the day after issuance. BonusCash for online purchases will be issued after the entire order has shipped. BonusCash will expire 60 days from the date it was first issued.

Also from the T&C's ... wellness+ BonusCash cannot be earned from the purchase of tobacco products, alcohol, lottery tickets, gift cards, licenses, money orders, money transfers, newspapers, stamps, other mail services, dairy products, items and services distributed by RediClinic®, items distributed by Moran Foods and Save-A-Lot® Food Stores, prescriptions, or other items prohibited by law, or for the payment of prescription copays, tax or shipping costs (together, “Excluded Items”).
So remember to buy your non-alcohol, non-prescription, non-GC items with your accumulated BonusCash before end of February ... perfect for those 75% off markdowns on Christmas candy & Valentine's candy, or lessening the sting of Valentine's Day card prices. :lol:

Also this week, in addition to the "75% off" seasonal candy aisle, you REALLY should check out the "gift giving" aisle, where you'll find treasures like those cheap AtGames emulated games on an HDMI stick ... they're regularly $19.99, and you'll get them for $4.99 each after discount! For example, at the 1 Rite-Aid I visited, they had these 4 models:


Want a "The Clapper" plug? It's also $4.99 after discount. Magnavox earbuds with microphone & behind-ear-hooks? Also $4.99 after discount. In the candy aisle, you'll find coffee mugs with candy, cookie, or teddy bears inside for $4.99 after discount.

Selection will obviously vary per store, but if you're a true CAG, you should really check several stores out to see the selection before they send it back to HQ soon. :lol:
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I got the Bandai Namco one for $10 just before Christmas. The controller is obviously a Sega Genesis shape but it runs NES ROMs. The extra buttons seem to be used for emulator functions. The catch is that a second player requires the purchase of a second controller for $14.99. 

Some more prominent retro gaming YouTube channels got sent a model with arcade ROMs and so their fans are upset with the company and make up a number of the negative reviews on the Bandai Namco one.  I'm pretty sure the rest are Atari emulators so you know what you're getting. 

Hmm my local Rite Aid claimed the Flashback Blast models were originally $39.99 each and now $9.99 after the 75% off discount
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