Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter

Funded in 28 hours!
This looks really good. I never played the original and really don't know much about it. One thing that's confusing me is the elf chick. There's elves in this edgy cyperpunk scifi adventure? And I think they said the bigger one was a troll. I guess the whole thing is a kind of fantasy, scifi blend?
There are a lot of fantasy races in Shadowrun which are explained by:
As magic returned to the world, Humans began to give birth to infants of these races
The universe is very much a mix of technology and magic.

The Genesis game was basically an action game whereas the SNES version played more like an adventure game with action combat. Returns is turn-based tactical to more closely mimic the pen and paper roots. (it has been so long since I played the GEN/SNES games that I'm going to use the primer to refresh my memory)
I've only played Shadowrun on the SNES. That game was awesome. I'm truly looking forward to this game, probably more than the other Kickstarter RPGs.
I'm really excited for this game! I enjoyed the Genesis game immensely back when it came out. Played the SNES game more recently which was also pretty cool. This game will have plot tie-ins with both 16-bit games, but I'm happy that this one is going to be turn-based.
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