Simpsons Season 20 Blu-Ray Pre-order at Amazon


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Not a big deal, but its nice to see that the Simpsons Seasons are coming out on Blu-Ray; however, they seem to be skipping the DVD release of Seasons 13-19. The 20th season is available for pre-order on blu-ray for $40.99 at amazon. They have the DVD version for $31.99.

I think I am just posting this to point out that there is no season 13-19 and can not find any information on them being released. Why would Fox skip seven seasons between releases?
its because they wanted to cash in on Bluray sales. Season 20 as the first to be in HD. They usually release 2 seasons a year. They will probably release 1 old and 1 new each year now.
They'll release the older ones too, but they want to get some out on bluray to take advantage of their inflated price.
[quote name='mission42']Probably because that is about the time when The Simpsons took a major turn for the worse.[/QUOTE]

Sorry, but that happened around season 11. It's gone downhill since then.
[quote name='mtxbass1']Sorry, but that happened around season 11. It's gone downhill since then.[/QUOTE]

they did set a high bar for themselves, but it's still better than family guy.
Why would u even want the non HD seasons on BD? Wasn't Simpsons originally shot in full screen tv 640x480 format? It's not like it's Casablanca which was shot on film which has a much higher resolution to begin with. The original star trek series looks great, but I believe that was shot on film stock too.

The only advantage might be to put multiple seasons in one BD set.
This has been up on Amazon for a while now.

Here's your reason why it's coming to Blu-ray and being released before 13-19.

It's also why Fox is skipped - just for now, we'll get them later on! - the 13th through 19th seasons on home video: they want to give Blu-ray owners a chance to enjoy The Simpsons in high-def, and for that they have to go with the first season with episodes designed for HDTV enjoyment. We expect them to probably go back to previous seasons later on for BD release, but as of right now it's important to know that there's no announcements from Fox for any Simpsons Blu-rays prior to The Complete 20th Season
Wow, I remember back in 2001 reading the insert on the first season set about how the rest of the seasons would be released on a different format by the time they stopped coming out. For some reason this blows my mind.
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