Slots In NSO + Expansion Pass Family Plan (5/22/23 - All Filled)


35 (100%)
EDIT: All slots filed as of 5/22/23.

My standard Nintendo Switch Online sub is about to expire in 2 weeks. Looking for 7 people to join a family plan for a year of NSO plus Expansion Pack. $10.68 per member. When the year is over you can pay whatever the current split price is at that time or drop out. I take PayPal.

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Not entirely sure how it works, but I'd be down too since my regular switch online expired about a month ago.
A family sub offers 8 slots, so $10 per slot. After I received the $10 I would add you to the family plan and you'd have NSO + Expansion Pack for 1 year. All other game purchases are still seperate, there is no gamesharing, and no one has access to anyone elses account info. You're just getting all of the benefits of NSO + Expansion Pack for $10 a year, instead of $50 for an individual sub. PM me if still interested and I'll give you the PayPal addy for payment.

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1 slot has opened, with the possibility for a 2nd. 1 year renewal begins May 20th.

$10.68 PP Friends and Family. PM if interested and serious.

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