SNICKERS NFL text game is back again!

Heads up, if you are lucky enough to win one of the bigger prizes like me, the verification email including the affadavit etc went right to my junk mail - the subject was "SNICKERS NFL 2015 Game & Sweepstakes‏" but the sender name must have triggered the filter but its from a person. Hope this helps someone else not miss out.

Hmmmm.....looks like we have had a couple of real wins in here. This contest was good last time. This time around.....makes me feel as if I am in loserville.

Congrats to those that got the tickets and Xbox ONE. Hope that more win.

Man I won candy, I dont even eat candy... still I did win something

Edit: I then texted chocolate and won a free song download...
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I got a code for snickers avatar gear. 

All you have to do is quote this post and I will PM you the code.


bread's done