Squarehard wants all of your Switch games! Switch games damnit! SWITCH! Just sell me everything you've got! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

I'm assuming you're an oil tycoon since you always seem to have $10,000 for anime?
My real name is actually Rich Uncle Pennybags.


Any interest in buying any of the Dragon boxes for DBZ? I've got the first one and never got around to buying the other ones. 

I will just list what I have and let me know if you are interested all NISA

Zakuro Complete Series Premium Edition

Umineko When They Cry Volume 1 - Limited Edition Bluray

Umineko When They Cry Volume 2 Limited Edition Bluray

  Occult Academy Complete Series Premium Edition

The Everyday Tales of a Cat God

  House of Five Leaves DVD Complete Series Box Set (Premium Edition)

Katanagatari Volume 1 Premium Edition (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

Katanagatari Volume 2 Premium Edition (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

Ghastly Prince Enma Complete Series Premium Edition

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