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This thread will attempt to provide a place to discuss past/present/future PC gaming deals. While mainly focusing on Steam games, any standout sales may also be presented. I will not be updating every Daily/Weekly/etc. sale. The tools to help individuals become a smarter shopper will be provided below.

See this POST for links to store sale pages, threads of interest and other tools to help you become a more informed PC game shopper.
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I am 1000% pro Steamdeck.  It's made my playing of Cyberpunk so much better.  I would recommend.  They're likely going to upgrade/update it soon but it is fantastic.  

Gamewise.. I'm genuinely surprised only 1 game on my Wishlist is on sale.  I need to skim and ITAD check them first.  These prices look samesy's as previous sales.

Someone needs to ask the important question...

Any free cards/badges for this sale?



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Oh it's not just sale prices, but some of the events Steam used to do.

One year during a Winter Sale they did a promotion where every day there was a set of objectives you had to complete. And when you did you either got a gift or a piece of coal. You could craft multiple coal pieces into a gift, or hold onto them as entries for a giveaway. When you opened the gifts they sometimes contained free games that would get added to your inventory.

And there's also certain features we used to have on Steam, such as being able to buy gift copies of games you could store in your inventory for gifting or trading later on. I get why they got rid of it, but it's a shame we can't do it anymore.
This just makes me sad.

I was a late bloomer to PC gaming, but I'm glad I at least got to experience two years of exciting sales in 2013 and 2014. After that they took away flash sales and it was never the same
Looking at my wishlist on Steam only a few games have gone to new low prices and that's only because they were only released in the last year.  

Nothing for me this time. Everything looks to be the same sale prices as usual.

I did notice Nier is on sale again and has been the last few times now so maybe it was a weird oversight from Square when it went a whole year without a discount before.
So glad you just mentioned son has that on his short list. I managed to get 3 of his other wants on good discounts. This and Sifu are all that remain.

Eh, there's a few impulse buys I'm grabbing for my steam deck.

Right off the top of my head I'm thinking Fear and Hunger and Dragon Ball Heroes.

Update: grabbed Crystal Project as well

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I think a lot of this is because you are seeing more "flash sales" as it were each week, with the mid week sales then the weekend sales on Steam. But I'm still seeing the crazy things like a game drop down to $16 on GoG 2-3 weeks ago and then on GoG's summer sale its $20. Other games just don't go on sale on some platforms as often. The game makers are pushing a form of FOMO with sale prices. GoG now puts a lowest price in 30 days number on product listings. Helpful but also pushes a buy now or miss out for another 3-6 months.

Some of this is that there are more discount sites out there offering 10-20% discounts more often or almost perpetually. I think it is simply the bad economy means more product sales, more often and the devs/pubs are holding steady at a discount level for 6-12 months before dropping down further, whatever the marketing and accounting numbers say they can bear or hope to maximize profits.

Gamedec: Definitive.

Took me almost 14 and a half hours here, but I played through Gamedec: Definitive Edition. It was really good. Some thoughts incoming.

Have you played Disco Elysium? If you liked that, you're also likely going to like this one. Gamedec is similar to Disco in many ways, as Gamedec is a CRPG/adventure game focused mostly around a very strong narrative, decision-making & lots of detective work and investigating. What you likely say, do, and decide here will matter, as you're investigating a bunch of cases - and also, this is how you'll shape your character and their skills too. And these cases, in which some do feel a bit separate, likely can find some interesting ways to get connected to each other ways too...which often can be downright shocking, too.

Gamedec takes place in a sci-fi type of cyberpunk setting, in which you play a Detective that often does this detective-work in online video Games; hence the title GameDec (which is short for Game Detective). You're likely looking into players mistreating other players, players cheating, incidents that happen in the game (which could also do stuff to that player outside of it), who the players online are in Realium, and even more stuff. You might even have to be in Realium (which is the City in The "Real World" here, that you're in) and take care of stuff there, as you'll also be going between the game's online game-worlds and Realium to take care of these players. Head-trippy type of stuff, for sure.

Some players might be trying to get pleasure of doing messed-up stuff in an online-world based around S&M; some might be hanging out in a Farmville-like world where you have a farm and grow stuff, in which this world's mixed with the Wild Wild West and elements of that (having outlaws, Sheriffs, saloons, and other stuff). There's a world that feels like Feudal Japan here where a Cult that you're trying to investigate is getting too powerful and mistreating people & players. That isn't even the half of this here, as this game can feel like here Disco Elysium meets Blade Runner meets Matrix meets WestWorld (HBO TV series) and meets...well, God knows what-else, TBH. [shrug]

I really don't want to give away too much here, but some of these cases can be down-right weird, bonkers & twisted too. There is definitely some mind-blowing, shocking and messed-up stuff in here, in some of these cases, especially in the early cases - and that's not even getting into the even more out there, bizarre, and unique stuff, which takes place in the 2nd half of the game. A lot of the stuff in the 1st half of the game feels more grounded & normal, despite its off-the-wall nature and tackling some heavy & edgy stuff - but the 2nd half of the game can really get into some real grand stuff & themes here of life, death, reality and more stuff. 

You'll often take on jobs for someone and have to solve the case & their problems (if you can), in which this feels similar to The Sinking City and Frogwares' Sherlock Holmes games. It's similar that you're going to have at some point to advance the story and/or case, you're going to have to make Deductions on incidents & certain things, to push the cases ahead and eventually try to solve the case (if you can even solve it properly) - and all of this can matter, especially later on. For example, you might meet a player in-game in one online video game-world while in-game...and then befriend them in the Realium. That player in another game-world and case might help you out in the next case...or possibly not, depending upon what you did in there. 

Like Disco, all action elements will happen based around your skills & stats and likely will happen within mostly dialogue trees. The prose here in Gamedec is also pretty good, even though it doesn't hit the levels of say Disco & other great narrative CRPG's like say Planescape: Torment (even though PS:T has combat, Gamedec doesn't). But still, Gamedec's still pretty good at this. 

Similar to Disco's old versions (before that game got the The Final Cut Update, in which TFC added full-blown voice-acting), not everything in Gamedec is voice-acted. A lot actually isn't voice-acted here. Some key stuff & events are, some NPC's might have greetings to greet the player with voice-acting - but most of the game is not voice-acted - and well, it honestly doesn't need to be, since the writing's good here. There's a lot of prose here, so if you like reading and want to read some good prose - yes, you'll be right at home here. Like many other CRPG's, there is a Codex here with info on characters you meet and some of the lingo/terminology you'll need to learn. Of course, the more stuff you find and investigate, the more info you'll also unlock in the Codex.

On my RTX 3060m gaming laptop, no problems whatever. Ran like a dream at 60fps so much, didn't even honestly need it. It's not like this is an action game or anything of that sort; this is a story-based and narrative-driven CRPG/adventure hybrid here, where no real action and combat happens. Only action elements might happen in dialogue trees, if it even does.

Regardless, in the grand scheme of things here, this is a very good CRPG/adventure combo of sorts here, as it does feel like your decisions will shape the journey and that there will be at least some different outcomes. After almost 15 hours of this bonkers, twisted, wild, and really good game - the game never felt too long and never felt too short. It felt just right - and the type of game to replay, as it does look like it could turn out some different ways in the journey itself and in the very end. And it's likely going to get a replay, as the end sequence does besides give you your ending(s)/permutation(s), but also tells you what decisions you made and how they mattered.

While it might not have seemed to hit the heights of Disco here - which is a very high bar here, TBH - Gamedec is definitely a really good CRPG/adventure for gumshoes to get stuck into these game-worlds and investigate all kinds of matters; all kinds crazy matters that likely will matter, in the grand scheme of things. Must play game & a very easy recommendation here; even more so especially if you picked it up while it was Free (in its Complete Edition form!) from the Epic Game Store.

I feel like I missed out on the golden age of PC game sales. I used to hear the tales about the amazing Steam flash sales and the Humble bundles. Since I got into PC gaming about 3 years ago the prices seem about the same as console.
I'm chewing on a bunch of wish list has about 100 games on it. Mainly I'm eyeballing NEO: The World Ends with You, and Judgement. Hogwarts is at a decent discount (40% or so over at Fanatical).

When the sale hit, I ended up putting over $100 worth of game in my cart, and then realized that way lay I pared it back a bit.

I'm chewing on a bunch of wish list has about 100 games on it. Mainly I'm eyeballing NEO: The World Ends with You, and Judgement. Hogwarts is at a decent discount (40% or so over at Fanatical).

When the sale hit, I ended up putting over $100 worth of game in my cart, and then realized that way lay I pared it back a bit.
I bought Hogwarts at launch (one of the rare times I buy a game at full price) and it was worth it for me. If you like the source material you will love it.

If you have the Gold XP status at GMG they have Marvel's The Avengers - Definitive Edition for only $4.80 right now:

I know it's not the best game, but at this price I was willing to finally bite for the single player. Especially since it's going to get de-listed in September I think?
Thanks for the tip, I went ahead and bit at that price. I can also confirm that it only requires Bronze XP status on GMG to get that price.

Bought Baldur’s Gate 3 to celebrate the start of the Steam Summer Sale … wasn’t discounted at all, but was the best deal I could find 😜
I didn't even know the Summer Sale started today. How far Valve has fallen!
i've come to the realization that valve doesn't care about/ need us anymore. and by us i mean old people. they care about those kids playing games on their tablets and steamDICKS . they hate the people that spend money on expensive hardware because they want pc gaming to become as ubiquitous as phone gaming. we are a relic of the past that valve wants forgotten.

* goes back to playing pc version diablo iv with a controller *

Here are a few keys I will not use from the Fanatical VIP Bundle. I always say I am not buying anymore of those, but they suckered me in for 4.99. 

Doomed Lands
Kingdom Rush Frontiers
Bought Baldur’s Gate 3 to celebrate the start of the Steam Summer Sale … wasn’t discounted at all, but was the best deal I could find
I read that the cutscenes in the game last longer than the entire Game of Thrones show... that seems impressive. I wonder if they added some coffee cups in ;)

Guess Daedalic (Deponia, Gollum) gave up on game development and will just be a publisher. They reportedly canceled their other Lord of the Rings project(s).
That's exactly what I said when my wife told me the news. I just checked and it's not made by them. They're just the publisher. (New Cycle, the city builder)
Well that's interesting. Also what's not interesting I guess my recommendation list is very dry since all my recommendations were adult games. I do check the queue every few days for kicks, so this is what it gets me.

Space Gladiators review after 13 and a half hours beating it a few times.

Space Gladiators is a game from the people that made Brotato. This one is a 2D platforming action arena roguelite game. In this one you try to eventually escape by going room to room fighting enemies, getting by traps, doing other things (shops, challenge rooms, angel/devil free things rooms, scientist room for stats boosts) until you get through the level and fight a boss. If you manage to beat it you move to the next until you fight the final boss and escape that run.

It plays decently well with the Series X controller. The controls are little bit floaty mainly for dodges and some attacks, but it's alright. This feels less polished than their later game Brotato (excellent game I gave a review on), but is still fun. The challenge is high and there are many characters to play as and unlocks to get. The graphics are decent, although I think the environments could look a little nicer.

The game falls a little bit apart in the gameplay with the arenas being a little cramped and it is nearly impossible to dodge things when there are many enemies on or near your height level. You can die very quickly taking damage. This is similar to another game its compared to Dead Souls. In that one I always found it better to have a super high burst damage to kill quickly. This is the same as dodging is finnicky at times. Better to have a good amount of life/armor and just wail on the harder to dodge enemies.

A fully successful playthrough takes around an hour and a bit. Overall I like this game enough, but I don't think it will have the longevity or Brotato or Dead Souls. It's still neat, relatively cheap, and fun to play. 7/10

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Here are some games from a Fanatical bundle:

The Metronomicon: Slay The Dance Floor

Just Ignore Them: Brea's Story Tape 1

Omen Exitio: Plague

Hero of the Kingdom

I don't use twitter but apparently they broke it today. Now Wario64's deals discord isn't posting his tweets ☹️ now how will I find deals on Steam games I'll buy and never play?
Anyone picking up anything cool from any summer sales? I'm likely going to get Uchikano - Living With My Lovers (barely a discount but I missed the discount on release) and probably to try and maybe refund The Simulacram, which is very new and has procedurally generated cards and supposedly plays like Magic the Gathering. It sounds pretentious as heck, but that's why there is less than 2 hours you can play and refund if it sucks. I've removed about 20 or 30 games from my Wishlist so far. Be sure to get stickers/one Steam Card everyday for going into a category and clicking the sticker thing, and also doing your discovery queue once a day.

Also has anyone played Cruelty Squad?

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Nothing yet and saw nothing on GoG's sale besides a few games I'm interested that didn't even go on sale while they are on sale on Steam.

During GOG Summer Sale - I bought a bunch of old stuff DRM-FREE from GOG, some stuff from Insomnia Sale, and bought a few new things there.


-> Stuff Bought - Thief: Definitive (2014), Deus Ex HR DC & MD Deluxe, Underrail (base) & Expedition* (expansion), Samaritan Paradox*, Syberia 3: Complete Journey, 1979 Revolution: Black Friday*, Deadly Dozen Reloaded*, Robin Hood: Legend of Sherwood, Dracula Trilogy.

-> Freebies Grabbed: Eschalon Book 2, Sigma Theory: Global Cold War*, Sunblaze*, Crusader Kings 2, Ancient Enemy*.

* = did not own already on Steam, Epic, or elsewhere.

I'm sure I'll buy some stuff from Steam, GMG, and/or wherever else, at some point during the Steam Sale. 

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I think it's something you'd probably need to get and play it a lot right now while it has an active and motivated playerbase.

I'd rather play EDF.
Its been fun for the first few weeks. But some of the game balancing in the last two patches has been not good. They nerfed the operator a lot such that it is the least played class now and made other talent and weapon options that just made the game less fun.

I loved the OG RCR on the NES; they really should include that in there, if that ain't bound to Nintendo platforms.

Regardless, hope this Remake's awesome.

I still hope the collection of the Double Dragon and Kunio Kun games gets a Steam release at some point.
Since we got all the arcade Double Dragon Arcade Trilogy, I'd love to see all the old NES ones come here - NES DD1, DD2 The Revenge, and DD3: Sacred Stones.

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Rival Showdown is decent if it's the same as the 3DS one I played ages ago. It's pretty short but has some variable paths. Not bad, but not amazing. Get it on sale for sure.

Finished Castlevania: Lords of Shadow this week. Mostly. This is the first time a game has broken me at the very end. I just can't put up with the terrible combat anymore. I made it to the final phase of the last boss of the epilogue DLC included in the Ultimate Edition and I just...can't. I feel like this was made by MercurySteam's D team while everyone else with any notable talent was working on the sequel. The final two chapters are nonstop terrible puzzles, stealth missions, and annoying combat that stretches what the game is capable of. I can't believe they actually had the nerve to charge for this crap back in the day.

I still hope the collection of the Double Dragon and Kunio Kun games gets a Steam release at some point.
It's been five goddamn years since they announced it but then went "whoops lol no we're only releasing them in this single PC download store in japan, y'all can get fucked."

I'm sick of waiting for an answer.

bread's done