Steam Group Buy and Gift Requests thread

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Want to buy:
Killing Floor

I really want to get DEFCON as soon as possible. After this I swear to myself I will not buy another Steam tame until I knock some off my list lol. PM me!
Tropico Trilogy


This is the only thing I want, but I can't seem to trade anything for it. :(

Holiday Sale 2011 Gift: The Orange Box x1


50% OFF Valve x1
33% OFF Valve Complete Pack x1
33% OFF Driver San Francisco x1
50% OFF Rockstar Games x1
50% OFF Anomaly: Warzone Earth x1
50% OFF Operation Flashpoint: Red River x1
50% OFF X-SuperBox x1
10% OFF GSC Games x1

Coal x6
Send me an offer. Here's my Steam profile to view my inventory.
WTS: steam games:
$22 Saints Row 3 (multiple copies left)
$2 Sanctum (1 copy left)

$4.50 Counter-Strike Source (4 copies left)
$2.00 Day of Defeat Source (1 copies left)
$1.00 Half Life 1 (2 copies left)
$2.00 Half Life 2: Episode 1+HL2 Deathmatch+HL Deathmatch Source+HL Lost Coast (3 copies left)
$4.00 Left 4 Dead 2 (1 copies left)
$4.00 Orange Box (5 copies left)
$1.00 Portal 1 (2 copies left)
$2.00 Avadon Black Fortress (1 copies left)
$3.00 The Ball (2 copies left)
$3.75 Bioshock 2 (1 copies left)
$4.00 Call of Cthulu (1 copies left)
$8.00 Cyan complete pack (1 copies left)
$1.50 Darwinia (1 copies left)
$1.00 Delve Deeper (1 copies left)
$3.00 Dungeon Defenders (1 copies left)
$12.00 Earth Defense Force (1 copies left)
$1.00 Flatout (1 copies left)
$3.00 Puzzle Chronicles (1 copies left)
$1.00 Revenge of the Titans (1 copies left)
$2.00 Runespell Overture (1 copies left)
$4.00 Napoleon Total War Imperial Edition (2 copies left)
$1.00 Sega Genesis Streets of Rage (1 copies left)
$1.50 Sol Survivor (2 copies left)
$8.00 Tropico trilogy (1 copies left)
$1.00 Uplink (1 copies left)

PM me if you're interested
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Duke Nukem Forever

Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse (shame it's delisted in the US, it's now my #1 on my wishlist)
Commander Keen Complete Pack
Garry's Mod
[quote name='paz9x']if anyone is interested in a nation red 4-pack at $1.87 each pm me.[/QUOTE]

only a few more minutes if anybody is interested.
Bah, id stuff is no longer on sale even tho it said January 20th. Nevermind on this trade offer.
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Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus
Skyrim -33%
Shadowgrounds Pack -50%
Divinity 2: DragonKnight Saga -50%
Swords and Soldiers HD -50%
Metro 2033 -50%
Valve -50%
Valve -25%
Valve -10%

Dead Rising 2
AC Brotherhood Deluxe
Code for Humble Indie Bundle #3
-50% Off Valve
-25% 2K
-60% King Arthur Franchise
-50% OddWorld: Abe's Oddysee
-50% GeminiRue

Want: Offers
[quote name='Dark Lord Greg']Anyone have a copy of Metro 2033? Still kicking myself for not getting[/QUOTE]

Its a mediocre game man, at least in my opinion.
[quote name='sealionnn']Have:
Dead Island - $30
Monday Night Combat - $5

Paypal only. Thanks![/QUOTE]

[quote name='drock']Have:
Dead Island - $15 - 3 copies[/QUOTE]

hmmm, which guy is the more reasonable?
Have: 50% off Skyrim (Skyrim for $30 - download today) :)

PM reasonable offers

BTW - if you have a high enough feedback score, I'll consider non-steam items ('mailable' if 'mailable' was a word). :)

•-25% Valve
•-50% Valve
•-50% Rock of Ages
•-50% Dog Fighter
•-10% Bethesda
•-75% Garry's Mod
•-50% Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
•-50% Chantelise
•-50% Shattered Horizon

•Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity
•Game offers
Mass Effect:hot: :hot: :hot:
Mass Effect 2 :hot: :hot: :hot:

Renegade Ops
25% Valve
50% Payday
33% Tropico 4
50% Witcher Enhanced
50% Dungeon Defenders
50% Disciples 3 Franchise
steam id: goldenlemonz
The Ebenezer (TF2 Hat)
Operation Flashpoint: Red River - $8
Bad Rats - $0.85
Eets - $0.90
• Coupons (Show Spoiler for list)
• Paypal

• Offers
• Paypal

I'm also available to assist with regional pricing.
PM me!
[quote name='Z-Saber']Giving away all of these:

3 - 25% off Valve
2 - 33% off Valve
2 - 50% off Dino D-Day
1 - 50% off Poker Night at the Inventory
1 - 66% off Two Worlds II
1 - 25% off Meridian 4 games
1 - 50% off Gratuitous Space Battles

(These, coal, and a 25% off Warner Bros coupon are all I got from the achievements. Keeping the Warner Bros coupon, though I may give it away later.)

I'm also giving away:

1 - The Ship 2 Pack Gift. I'm not sure if it has two copies or something, but it's just one gift.
1 - Half-Life 2


Just add me on Steam and send me a message. If I still have whatever you ask for, it's yours.[/QUOTE]

request sent, looking for Half Life 2 please.
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