Super Mario 3D World Wii U digital Best Buy $19.99

For what it's worth, Bowser's Fury does look pretty sweet and they did increase the movement speed of characters in the switch version! There should definitely be some kind of discount for wii u version owners, but to millions of switch owners this is a brand new experience.
You're right about Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze. But Pikmin 3 is still available as a Nintendo Selects title. Unless it was delisted and then relisted?
I watched a NintendoLife preview that showed that the Switch version wasn't redesigned to remove the touch based stuff (or the platforms that you'd normally blow into the microphone to move), so you have to either play Switch handheld and touch the screen, or use a clumsy gyro on-screen cursor to click on things on Switch when docked. Stupid. The game is still going to play best on Wii U if you want to play on a TV.

Bowser's Fury looks cool of course. I wish they'd have either let people buy that standalone, or just put that development time and resources into a full fledged sequel instead of tacking it onto a port of a game I already have. Oh well.

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