Super Smash Bros. 3DS demo codes

Hello, i know everyone is asking for codes, but i am desperate to get one.... i qualified for the promotion, but they didnt send me the email...... thanks for sharing and good luck to all of us that didnt get it......  

I have 2 codes unused at this point. I also would like if someone could trade me a pokemon Y exclusive mega stone, a Yvetal, or a 5/6 IV ditto. PM me.
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Club Nintendo has really been letting me down. First the lack of physical platinum rewards this year and now they don't send me codes. I've been platinum for 3 years (I'm 20 pts away already this year), have 2 Wiis, a Wii U, and 4 3DS XLs registered and somehow got passed over for this. I have the Wii U version preordered and my son preordered the 3DS version and we'll get plenty of playing in soon, so I'm not asking anyone for codes (they'd just eat up Destiny playtime); I more just wanted to pour my frustration with CN out to the interwebs. Rant over, thanks for listening.
I've redeemed A05VBGNV1QCBV14F. Finally got something after 2 days. A big thank you to rlrtwo for sharing, and good luck to everyone else.

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Still looking for one  or two more codes for my cousin if anyone has 1  extra can you pm me. if not i just let them use my 3ds until thursday (playing hyper on the vita anyways  


Anyone looking for a multi player buddy and willing to hook me up with a code i'm down to play most the day today... they're supposed to be given away not traded isn't that what the email said ;] 

Looking for a code and not wanting to fight the lurkers. Please PM me if you have an extra you are willing to give out. This is exactly what I'd love to do on a Sunday afternoon.

If anyone has a spare code I would love to get one via PM.  I don't have anything to offer in return though, sorry. 

Have 2 codes - looking for 3DS e-shop / CN games (not the current month's games)

1 code ripped off by CAG: 

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Hey guys, I've been a Club Nintendo member from the start and reached platinum each year. Not sure if that's why I got the email or not. Anyways, I have 3 ssb codes. I'm willing to trade for club Nintendo games. PM me if you want to trade.
Hey guys, I've been a Club Nintendo member from the start and reached platinum each year. Not sure if that's why I got the email or not.
I've also always been platinum but, unlike you, didn't get an email. It's insultingly random :(
Oh well, guess I'll get to play on Friday.
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Have 2 codes, would like to trade for either a Kirby Superstar CN code, or a DDP $5 credit code. PM if interested.

All gone.

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I've got three codes to give out.  First three will get them.  I don't need a story or a trade, to me it doesn't seem in the spirit of the promotion.  Just enjoy smash and do something nice for someone in the future.  Oh and no double dip, I will only give out one per request. Pm away.    

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