The 12th Annual CAG March Madness Contest - Entries Now Live until Tipoff on 3/17!

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Note: If you do not wish to give your cell number to Yahoo for SMS ads, this guide offers an alternate method of verification to join.

The FirstSecondThirdFourthFifthSixthSeventhEighthNinth, Tenth, and Eleventh Annual March Madness contests have gone very well with all of them going down to the wire in determining the winners. I've got a few games to add to the prize pool right now and will be adding more before signups are over, though I would love to have some donated games from generous CAGs to help add to the pool. I'd prefer new, sealed games, but would accept opened games as long as they're mint and complete, [customspoiler='Spoiler']meaning that they look like they've only had the plastic ripped off with little to no scratches on the disc.[/customspoiler] If you'd like to donate games, please PM me. This contest will be conducted through Yahoo's Tourney Pick-'em set-up, which streamlines the process and just lets everyone worry about their picks. You can find the quick link to the group here.

Current Prize Pool - More on the Way!

12 month PS+ or XBL Gold Code - FriskyTanuki
America's Test Kitchen: Let's Get Cooking - DS - Sealed - FriskyTanuki
Assassin's Creed Rogue - Xbox 360 - Sealed - FriskyTanuki
Dogfighter - Steam Code - FriskyTanuki
Enemy Mind - Steam Code - FriskyTanuki
Eyepet - PS3 - Sealed - Requires Move + Eye Camera - FriskyTanuki
Freedom Wars - Vita - Sealed - FriskyTanuki
Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip! - PSP - Sealed - FriskyTanuki
LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham - Wii U - Sealed - FriskyTanuki
Life is Strange - PS4 - Like New - FriskyTanuki
Madden NFL 12 - PS3 - Sealed - FriskyTanuki
Michael Jackson: The Experience - PSP - Sealed - FriskyTanuki
MLB 12 The Show - Vita - Sealed - FriskyTanuki
Persona 4 Dancing All Night - Vita - Like New - FriskyTanuki
Rock Band 4 - PS4 - Like New - Game Only - FriskyTanuki
Shadow Warrior - Xbox One - Sealed - FriskyTanuki
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked - 3DS - Like New - FriskyTanuki
SOCOM US Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo - PSP - Sealed - FriskyTanuki
Steel Diver - 3DS - Sealed - FriskyTanuki

The Wolf Among Us - Xbox One - Sealed - FriskyTanuki

Right now, the tourney itself is still being set up and will be set in stone on Selection Sunday (check out ESPN or whoever else that's doing coverage). However, in the meanwhile, you can sign up and join the CAG group to reserve your spot. The deadline to get your picks in is five minutes before the first game starts on Thursday, March 19.

Entry Guide: Just head to here to create your bracket and then go here and enter the group ID# (10217) and password (returnofcheapy) to sign up and join the group. The only thing I require of you is to post here if your pick set name or Yahoo ID doesn't match your CAG ID so that I know it's you.

If I see people who haven't done this the Wednesday night before the tournament starts (March 18), you will be booted. I will have a list of everyone involved, so you have to be on the list to be eligible to win. I will make a check on the list to line up everyone the night before tipoff and boot anyone I cannot link to a CAG username, so you will have a chance to get back in if you let me know who you are. I will make the final sweep just before tipoff and kick any stragglers left on the list. I thought I didn't need to say this, but only one bracket is allowed per CAG. If I catch anybody with two brackets, both will be kicked out if they do not remove one of them.

Two years ago, Yahoo started allowing people to join groups after the tipoff, so I will be changing the password when tipoff happens to prevent late joiners from crashing the party. I would also prefer that those entering the contest be from the United States and Canada to minimize shipping costs and the chances of shipment errors. I also have the ability to alter the rules if other changes to Yahoo's Tourney rules have been made that interfere with the ones for the contest. The group can hold up to 500 people, so I think we'll have enough for anyone that wants to join. If we do reach that total, I'll create a new group for the rest of the CAGs that want to enter.

I will probably pick winners the same way I did last year: the top 3 scorers will get prizes. Depending on how many prizes there are, the top winner will get first pick on the list, then second place, and third place gets what's left. Any donators that win will be barred from choosing their own prizes.

Feel free to chat about the tourney, your team's chances, and all that fun stuff once you sign up. If you have any questions post here. Good luck to everyone that enters.

Also, keep your posts civil and mature. If you can't do that, then don't post in this thread.

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Thanks Frisky.  Bracket name matches my CAG name. 

I look forward to this pool each year and appreciate that thanks to you I'm not the only homer picking Ohio State each year.  Probably won't get the chance this time though...

Thanks for this again! Last year was my first attempt however I missed to update bracket after joining due of a big lapse of time out of home, hope to have a better luck since it looks really fun!

p.s: My bracket name is shown as orionbrando and owner name as Brando, hope this helps to sort it out

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I'd like to give this a try this year. Thanks for holding this Tanuki!

EDIT: Bracket name is Increaseblues Blind Bracket

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Planning to enter, now I just need to remember to do it.  Thanks Frisky!

Edit: Joined with bracket name Gravel.

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Looks like brackets are now open, so get your picks in ASAP. Let's see if we can have no empty brackets when the tournament starts on Thursday.

Joined. Bracket is same as username, cgw1710.

2015- 40th out of 93
2014- 40th out of 77
2013- 48th out of 116
2012- 10th out of 114
2011- 5th out of 141
2009- 21st out of 165
2008- 128th out of 145
cousin joined if that is cool

Stve's Spectacular Bracket

my bracket


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bread's done