The Departed (Bluray) & I am Legend (Bluray) under $6.00 Each

The first DVD I ever bought online, South Park Season 3, was from Deep Discount DVD back in like 2002. They never delivered it, and their tracking information said it was delivered to "garage". Whoever delivered it would have had to break into my house in order to place it in my garage. I have never even visited their site since.
I haven't ordered from them since I ordered blade runner blu-ray and got the hd-DVD. I called and they agreed to refund it, but once I sent it back they said they were unable to refund because I sent back the incorrect item. :hot::bomb: after two days of talking to accounting I finally got my money back. But I'll never shop there again.
i have never had an issue with them. ordered maybe a dozen times. every company has issues. i hated amazon up until recently, i still hate their customer service. it all depends.
I'll pass on DD. Rather spend my money on other reliable retailers.
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