The Official CAG 2017 Pick-Ups Thread

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I checked a .99 Cents Only store in a neighboring town and bought

Lego Dimensions Level Pack: Back to the Future (X3)

Using for parts and extra minifigures for my Lego collection.
The only ones I could find were Wicked Witch, Zane, Cragger, and Bad Cop

The only ones I could find were Wicked Witch, Zane, Cragger, and Bad Cop
I checked a couple of stores twice a week. They will usually bring out more stock. The only one from the wave one sets is a Lion looking minifigure from the Chima line.

Picked up way too many movies at Family Video this past week. Blu rays were 2 for $5 (even the two 3D Blus), DVDs were 2 for $3.


And yes, I know I need to vacuum the rug. And I just noticed we have two copies of Spotlight.  :/

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Latest Pick Ups:

Pokemon Alpha Saphhire - $15.99 BB GCU

Fire Emblem Fates: Comquest - $15.99 BB GCU

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth - $9.99 Gamestop

The Elder Scrolls Online - $12.00 Amazon

Just Cause 3 - $19.99 Amazon

Sword Art Online: Lost Song - $9.99 x3 Amazon and Gamestop

Not pictured 

Grand Kingdom Day One Edition - $24.99 Amazon


i got this today for $40. had to pay a little but i think it was worth it. cant wait to try it out.  it is complete and i only had to remove some stickers from the front.

Edit: i also brought  a wii today console only for $10. powered it on and found mario party 8 inside. decided to go on ebay and look for case and manual. found listing for about $10 ending in 4 hours. was going to pass but it had best offer so i offered $5 and they took it. so got mario party cib for $5.

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LOZ cds from Amazon Japan, according to the tracking number they left Japan at 10am one day and showed up at my house in IL at 11am THE NEXT DAY! My mind was blown.

2 64GB microSD cards (one for my Nvidia Shield and one for my Raspberry Pi 3 so I can steal my 128GB for my Switch) and LOZ Art & Artifacts from Amazon.

CD Friday was good. I added sixteen new CDs from the mom and pop store (Buy 5 Get 3 Free at $1.99 each) and I bought this from the mountain they have at Target for $8

After reading Shipwrecks tweets I waited for Target to drop them to 70% off

$45 Craigslist purchase. More of a quantity over quality bundle. Black DS Lite, charger, styluses, case, GBA/DS games. Phineas and Herb and POTC are case/manual only, cart only DS is Splinter Cell and Tomb Raider. Highlights would be Super Mario World, Mario Kart, Yoshis Island. Had to open everything and give the pins a good scrubbing.

Post office lost my first package so Death Wish was nice enough to send another one! Stuffs delicious.

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The shirt makes this Loot Gaming box! The rest is just gravy! BOTW tee, Warcraft reversible beanie, Pitfall canteen, MGS D-Dog plush keychain, pin.


3ds games from bestbuy, case and accessories for switch from gamestop.  skylanders, pokemon movie , pixel pal and amiibo from walmarts . skylanders was 10 for the wii u

Local OfferUp find. Not bad for 10 bucks!!


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got this pokemon gameboy color for $30 they wanted $40 but the speaker doesn't work so they reduced it

only got this because it is hard to find and was $30 i might trade it from something else eventually

i got this cib xbox along with two others and some other wires for free. person was selling them to a store but didn't like the price they were going to give him. guy ends up leaving the consoles and did not come back for them so they threw them out. the other two consoles were modded with 200gb and 160gb hdd but one does not work i probably need to fix the hdd or get another one.

Arcade Block- ghosts teeshirt, i-FX virtual reality headset (not bad for a $20 headset fyi), Stereden Steam code, Poltergust pin, SMB multi tool, FNAF socks (right to the trade pile!).

Loot Gaming- TRON teeshirt, exclusive Tracer figure, pin, Prey mousepad, Mass Effect Andromeda laser etched USB LED lamp (didnt open because Ill probably sell/trade)

Video Games Monthly- Ive gotten more than 10 games every month so far. First time getting some Japanese games

Picked up LCU from GS on Tuesday because not only was Amazon not doing launch day delivery, I wasnt going to get it until Friday!

Uncharted 4 from Gamefly. $18 after the one day where I can use 2 $5 coupons before one expires.


persona 5 and 3ds games from bestbuy. 3ds games are price matched with target except gunvolt

other ps4 games were buy 2 get one free movies from fye used with buy 2 get 1 for 1$ sonic boom wii u was 7$ at walmarts


Mass Effect Andromeda Deluxe Edition - $60 GS

Mass Effect Andromeda Steelbook - $10 BB

Persona 5 Take Your Heart Edition - $71 Amazon Prime

Stardew Valley Collector's Edition - $23 Amazon

Easter Basket for my best friend

got some great pickups today. futurama was $30 and fire emblem was $50. fire emblem is scratched but i can return if it doesn't work. might try and get it resurfaced. this is my second copy of futurama so i will be looking to trade it for the ps2 version

Latest pick ups for my bday. Best friend is getting me a switch


Zelda was a birthday gift.

Contoller, MK8D, Tetris and Gift Card were all with trade in credit.

Finally uploaded, I feel like Photobucket just gets slower and slower!

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

LootGaming box- Coon And Friends flag, Injustice 2 shirt, exclusive Overwatch Pharah figure, Halo figure, pin

Halo Crate- shirt, Sergeant Johnson hat, Arbiter figure, poster, UNSC files, pin, Warhammer bottle opener

Video Games Monthly box- Sealed Coaster Works for DC, disc only Crazy Taxi for DC, NFS Hot Pursuit 2 for GC, Driver for PS1, disc only Tetris Plus for PS1, cart only Ms Pacman for Genesis, cart only Mega Man Zero 2 and Lego Star Wars for GBA, cart only Dexters Lab and Harry Potter Chamber Of Secrets for GBC, and cart only Jeopardy Sports and Game and Watch Gallery 3 for GB

Glow in the dark Fidget Spinner. Saw like 4 people walking around my work with these this week...

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Photobucket has been given me problems. First I cant upload and second I couldnt log in with my facebook. Has it been fixed?

That Harry Potter Game for Game Boy Color is awesome. I definitely recommend it
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