Tons of gaming memorabilia, toys, shirts, posters, demos, etc.


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I recently lost my job and need to downsize to stay afloat with the bills. As I move to a smaller home, I have to part with stuff that I collected when I was younger. Below you will find an extensive list of everything game related that I've kept in a box all these years.

Please make an offer on any item(s) through PM.

Because there was so much stuff, I used abbreviations in some descriptions. If you need any clarification, additional description, pictures, or questions, please let me know.

Navy blue Mens large "everybody loves a player" t-shirt(slightly faded)
Black Mens large "donkey kong" t-shirt
Black mens large "Zelda twilight princess" t-shirt
Black mens large "pow!" t-shirt
Red mens large " super Mario sunshine" t-shirt
Navy blue mens large "gameboy micro" t-shirt
Navy blue mens L "play with me" tee (very slightly faded)
Red mens L "let's play doc" tee
White mens L "Mario kart dble dsh" tee (slightly faded)
Black mens XL "dead to rights" tee
White mens XL "soul calibor 2" tee
White Yth L "megaman" tee
Megaman 15th anniversary wall scroll
Sealed burger king sneak king
Unsealed burger king sneak king
Unsealed burger king big bumpin
Unsealed burger king pocket bike racer
Metriod prime 2 echoes bonus disc
True crimes streets of LA Uncovered DVD
Sealed espn 2k5 soundtrack
Sealed Ps2 namco transmission vol2 demo disc
Sealed freestyle street bball
Sealed xbox 360 Tony hawks proven ground demo disc
Sealed Xbox 360 walmart demo disc
Unsealed Super Mario bros/heathcliff cartoon dvd
Unsealed xbox 360 walmart disc
Official xbox magazine game disc 59
Official xbox mag game disc 6o
Gamecube mini cd rom preview
Sealed Gamecube preview DVD
Unsealed gamecube preview DVD
Wii preview DVD
Wii preview DVD 2
Ps2 the getaway: black Monday demo disc
Mario kart wendys happy meal toy 2002
Mario action figure wendys happy meal toy
Yoshi burger king happy meal toy
Burger king happy meal toy 2002
Luigi burger king happy meal toy 2002
Wendys Mario kart pull back kart happy meal toy
Babomb and Mario happy meal toy 2002
super Mario sunshine burger king toy 2002
Donkey kong bk toy 2002
Warioland bk toy 2002
Diddy kong bk happy meal toy 2002
Kirby bk happy meal toy 2002
Zelda bk happy meal toy 2002
Bowser and peach bk toy 2002
Kirby bk toy 2002
Sealed Mario action figure wendys happy meal
Super paper Mario bk toy 2008
Guitar hero music maker
Gameboy advance hollow candy case
Mini Mario statuette
HiC dog tag
Super Mario bros cup dispenser 1989
Super Mario Christmas ornament
Wii aluminum hollow case
Wii light keychain
Super Mario energy drink
Xbox kellog game watch
2 Sealed Mario klik candy dispensers
Sealed donkey kong klik candy dispenser
Sealed link klik candy dispenser
Sealed Pokemon xd galil of darkness gamecube skin
Uncharted 2/ little big planet 15x20 game poster
Nintendo power super smash bros melée live orchestra cd
Playstation holiday 2005 demo disc
Sealed official playstion magazine demo disc 86
Sealed official playstation mag demo disc 101
Sealed official playstation magazine demo disc 98
Sealed official playstation mag demo disc 97
Sealed official playstion mag demo disc 96
Sealed official playstation mag demo disc 99
Legend of Zelda comic book issue 1 (1990) great condition
Sealed official playstation mag demo disc 101
Mortal kombat goro prince of pain comic book issue 2 (1994) very good condition
Super Mario bros comic book issue 6 (july 1991) good condition
Nintendo ebgames bookmark
Street fighter comic book issue 2 (sept 1993) great condition
Turok dinosaur hunter issue 4 (oct 1993) perfect condition
Turok dinosaur hunter issue 11 (may 1994) perfect condition
2 Turok dinosaur hunter issue 1 (July 1993) perfect condition
Street fighter comic book issue 1 (aug 1993) perfect condition
Sly Cooper comic book issue 2
Game stop xbox 360/ windows preview guide
Mercenaries 2 poster 24x10
Midnight club LA poster 15x20
5x5 Playstation Mega Man sticker
Gran Turismo 5/God of War 3 poster 15x20
Metroid Prime Hunters DS demo
6 Hi-C Nintendo trading cards
Super Gameboy poster 8x11
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX/Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000 poster 8x11
Micro Machines 64 Turbo/Hydro Thunder poster 11.5x16
Brain Age promotional packet
Resident Evil 4 Brady Games prologue book
Capcom 2004 promotional book
Nintendo DS promotional book
Gamecube/GBA cable promotional buckslip
Gamecube promotional brochure/poster 15.5x18
GBA e-reader promotional brochure
Nintendo DS promotional brochure
GBA promotional brochure/poster 15.5x18
Gamecube promotional brochure/poster 15.5x18
Nintendo customer services brochure
Wendys kids meal bag
Burger king big kids meal bag
Nintendo promotional catalog 9/10
Nintendo promotional catalog Summer 2003
Nintendo promotional catalog Winter 2002
Nintendo promotional catalog Winter 2005
Nintendo promotional catalog Winter 2004
Assassins creed tshirt iron-on
TV Guide with Pikachu collector cover 12/9/00
Nintndo Power Super Mario 64 poster 17x22
Zelda Oracle of Ages/Seasons strategy guide
Dead or Alive 4 poster 15x20
Zelda Wind Waker/Doom 3/God of War/Jade Empire alternative cover art cut-outs
Zelda Twilight Princess poster 15x20
2 Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction poster 10.5x23
Nintendo Power N64 Power tips book
SuperNintendo poster 20x26
Bart Simpson and the space mutants poster 10.5x23
Iron Sword/Willow poster 15.5x19.5
River City Ransom/Dynowarz poster 15.5x19.5
3 Shadow of the Collocsus poster 10.5x28
Gamestop activity book
Gamestop 2008 calendar
Gamestop 2009 calendar
Donkey Kong Country The Legend of the Crystal Coconut VHS
1989 Super Mario Bros paper cup dispenser
Bump. It sounds like there's some good stuff here. Here's hoping for some pictures.

Sorry about the loss of your job.
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