Versa Lowball 2020 Holiday COVID edition. (Garnering interest)

Damn, i got caught up in another auction on another site coincidentally. It's ok. As long as Gog is bidding on something I want, I'll be there next time. ;)

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Final Bids are now posted. 

If you won items from my list exclusively, expect an invoice from me directly

Pending discussion with Cage:

If you won items from Cage only, expect an invoice from him directly

If you won items from both of us....TBD LOL

hey guys

just been a busy week at work.

whenever I have down time here in the office, I'll try to send out invoices. You may got a separate one from Cage.

But anyone else that got items from me, you will get yours tonight.

Thanks for your patience all!

Thanks for all the bids and sorry for the delay. I was running around today trying to find a post office that had a working scale (it took 3) to make sure the shipping totals did not interfere with the added goodies I included with each package. There was an issue with shipping from a lowball a few years ago that resulted in a 1-2 month delay so I want to make sure something like that does not happen again.

That being said, I will be sending separate invoices out within the hour. As you will see when your packages arrive, the shipping will be higher than what you originally paid. That may sound like it's bad for me, but in addition to getting rid of some "bonus material", those few cents and dollars in change actually helped me free up some space from packing (I had too much empty boxes and bubblewrap laying around) and helped me organize a collection for a future lowball. So thanks to everyone for participating in the Versa-Cage FoF lowball.

Ok, enough rambling.  Time to send out some invoices.  

Good Morning:

I am not happy but that's my fault.

I had a 20% discount for the PS4 store that I had to use last night. Guess what? Slept in and missed out....Fuuuuuuccccccccccccc

It's what happens when you work OT and have to commute at least an hour to and from work in LA Traffic =(

Anyway, all invoices has been sent.

It's been too quiet in here. Time for some updates:

Retrovidya - Payment received. Package was mailed yesterday. Delivery Confirmation #9461209699937467824496.

Goguenator - Payment received. Package was mailed yesterday. Delivery Confirmation #1ZR1A4110365577535.

Lexian - Payment received. Package was mailed yesterday. Delivery Confirmation #1ZR1A4110398913163.

Wchillinman - I haven't heard from you. Please check your private messages with payment info. and I can get your package on its way.

All tracking be viewed at

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All packages have been sent.

Wchillinman  - Payment received. Package was mailed yesterday. Delivery Confirmation #9461209699937481976201.



A lot of things happen since I’ve done this.

Guess my gaming habits change since marriage. More of a casual game right now and I tend to buy digitally.

I think it’s time to sell off my physical games and maybe a consul and a Dell gaming laptop (if anyone is interested or else I’ll just put it on offer up)

Let’s see how many replies I get after this post and if I see my usual buyers then I’ll start one up soon. I miss all of you guys!
Hey guys, sorry for the long delay.

Beside the games, I can give you a hint that I am selling (and these are teasers):

-Brand New In Box:

1. NES Classic

2. SNES Classic

3. Genesis Mini

XBox One X

Of course, my backlog has games that are still sealed

Stay tuned...

bread's done