W: EarthBound SNES H: Cash (Paypal)

Dammit. I had this game when I was younger.. and the big ass box that came with it. I lent it to my friend and he never gave it back. It was in such good condition too!

That bastard.
I sold mine years ago and pieced it all out.

$50 for the Cart to my friend's brother.
$30+ for the box on Ebay. (If I remember some guy in like Ireland bought the box and said he didn't mind paying for the shipping or waiting for it as long as he could get it. I think it was like $15-20 extra just to ship it to him at the time).
$25 or so for the guide on Ebay.

All that was probably about 10 years ago or so, not bad at the time.
I got my copy years ago for 30 or 40 dollars I think. I would assume that the price has shot up, even for just the cart itself. It's one of the few games Nintendo hasn't re-released anywhere and probably won't anytime soon.
[quote name='StripesOrBars']bump.

we all want earthbound.

are you willing to spend what its worth tho.[/QUOTE]

Yep, I've seen how much they've been going for on ebay lately. Around $80-120, sometimes more sometimes less.
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