Want: exactly 250 ms points


3 (100%)
I am looking for exactly 250 Microsoft points (US), code or combination of codes obviously. If you have 100 point or 50 point codes, let me know.

Not sure what I want to offer, have gow3 and halo reach preorder codes but most of them are worth more, hit me up if you have the points then we'll discuss.

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You can actually buy 250 points through zune.com. It both uses the same points/ account information. At least it use to.
[quote name='Darknuke']is it even possible to have 250 points to trade? You're definitely not gonna get a retail card or anything[/QUOTE]

I'm looking for promotion codes not retail, like the 100 you get from the bing awards program, and yes it is possible.
I've got a 400 point code.

That's worth about $5 retail, but I don't know exactly what I would want in return for it as I usually use my points to buy avatar gear.

Do you happen to have the male BF 3 recon suit for the 360 avatars by chance?
No. All I have are in-game codes for Halo and Gears. I suppose if you don't need anything else I could just give you $5.
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