Want: HDD for Wii U | Have: Amazon, Games, Stuff


130 (100%)
Hello nerds, welcome to my trade list.

MAIN: NEED A HARD DRIVE FOR MY WII U FOR CHEAP. Doesn't need to be bigger than 250GB. 120GB or 250GB will do. Send me offers please. I only have AMAZON credit for now. $25



- Rad Racer 


- Fifa Soccer 2002


- Perfect Dark

- Hot Wheels Turbo Racing

- 1080 Snowboarding

- NBA Jam ''99

- NASCAR ''99

- 2x Kobe Bryant in NBA Courtside

- NBA Showtime NBA on NBC

- MRC: Multi Racing Championship

- Fighters Destiny

- Ridge Racer 64


- Elebits

- Geometry Wars: Galaxies

Accessories and other stuff:

- Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon 3DS CASE & MANUAL ONLY

- Pokemon Diamond DS Case ONLY


- External hard drive for Wii U

- Professor Layton and The Curious Village

- Professor Layton DS case (for The Last Specter and The Diabolical Box games)

- NBA Street Vol. 2 & 3 for Gamecube

- Rocky: Heavyweight Collection or Rocky: The Undisputed Collection (BLU-RAY)

- Super Smash Bros. Brawl (DISC ONLY)

- Super Smash Bros. Wii U (CAN BE W/O MANUAL)

- Mario Kart 8 (CAN BE W/O Manual)

- Punch Out Wii (DISC ONLY)

- Super Mario Galaxy 1, 2 (Can be DISC ONLY)

- Pikmin 1 Wii - (CAN BE DISC ONLY)

- Super Mario 3D World (Disc ONLY)

Message me for details (condition) on my items. I can send pictures. And don't be afraid to send any offers. I don't eat people. I'm just a nerd robot. 

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You'd be willing to trade the Smash Soundtrack for my Club Nintendo 2012 Platinum Poster Set? The posters have only ever been taken out of their tube once so they should still be in great condition.

I have a 15 dollar gift card of gamestop, and a little bit on paypal, and hitman absolution professional edition on the ps3. any for smash soundtrack?

bread's done