What is Old School ?


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A lot of games are marketed as being Old School. But what does that even mean anymore? What did games from the ages long past have that games today don't?

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What you see above it's description of my friend video where he talk about Old School in Gaming and if you want to watch all video you are my guests :)

youtube .com/watch?v=6KownPsrQoU

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Old School means that the classic games that started it all. Old school also can mean to an early generation of gaming. The games before the modern games as seen/played today isn't really that far apart. Back in my days of gaming (super mario, KKND, Psiphon Filter, Starcraft, Ragnarok Online, Tetris)  those games are the best buddies I had. even before that, I had snakes and ladders, rubic cubes (its a game. not virtual) and marble golf. The common thing about all games in all generations is that they kill boredom. you can make friends in playing. 

THE GRAPHICS, however, changed at the dawn of time. More people are now into GRAPHICS and GAMEPLAY. We never satisfy. 

In my opinion, old school means games two generations or older. At that point, those consoles are likely not even being produced/games are not being produced, at which point I think it becomes eligible for 'old school' status. 

I would agree with that assessment - two generations or older. And I would gather to say after more than four generations a game could be considered "classic" by that point.

Old school was a pocket full of tokens with your next one on the screen if the game your waiting for. Old school is no save points. Old school is blowing into a cartridge to get it to play. Old school is calling the Nintendo Power hot line for tips on The Adventure of Link. Old school was the Sears Atari System.
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Geometry is used in architechture, as well as some physics as well. So really, its very important.

I dont think school is rubbish, I think the people teaching it could use work though... Teachers dont even know what they are talking about 90 of the time.
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