Whats this right wingers? Only illegals and blacks rip off taxpayers


Yup also a Obama hater, so we know what party this POS belongs to .

Another crooked cop ( I guess its just another just ONE bad apple to some people ).....lol
I'm almost certain you don't understand the article.

This is very common. Happens in many professions; while he is exploiting a loop hole, he put in twenty years of service to be able to do so.

There are many states where teachers can do this---they work until they have put in enough time to collect retirement and once they do, they go teach full/part-time in another district essentially double dipping.

Also, the author of the article seems to be about as intelligent as you. It mentions he ran a 5K which is about 20+ miles shy of the "marathon" the click bait title refers to.

Finger are you just here to bicker?  Topics like this are just baiting the other side without a productive end. You are not proving anything to them, there is no debate to be had here and its attempting to piss off just to piss off.

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