Who's your favorite Youtuber?

Dunno if I can pick an all time favorite but a recent obsession is Puddin's Fab Shop, watching him build a low rider box truck has been a real treat.

I was watching H3 fpr a bit but they got childish (imo) with their antics. Now just kyle kulinski for news sometimes
Current YouTubers I'm watching routinely now are Paul's Hardware, Maximilian Dood, and the lesser known but pretty great CultofMush. The first two are pretty big and well known, but if you don't follow Mush he goes over PC gaming deals all the time including free games that drop on Steam, Epic, etc. Basically "isthereanydeal" in the form of a YouTuber.

Also MattKC, he downplays how smart he is, but a lot of the video game hardware and software modifications he does is kind of surprising. The trial and error process is always a fun journey to watch him go through.

I could go on and on about YouTubers all day but I'll leave it right here for now.

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