Will the PS3 get a price drop soon?

Probably. Its anybody's guess but, for the most no. Move came out last year and they are still doing successful. You could buy a used one on craigslist for $200. or one that has YLOD and fix it. If you can do it it's worth the risk.
^If the warranty sticker is intact, it's definitely worth it to get a YLOD one and fix (if it's cheap enough.) All you need is a $15 heat gun to fix it.
Also, check ebay. I got a 40GB for $200 from there, and that was 2 years ago. I'm sure you can find them cheaper now. (I replaced the thermal paste on it, and I've never had any problems with it.) I think bad thermal paste is the problem with the old fat consoles; when I took mine apart, the paste looked like dried corn starch and water.
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