Win a Xbox 360 Prizepack


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So I was watching 4kidsTV with my little cousin and they currently have a sweepstakes. They are giving away a "Viva Pinata" prize pack including
- 1 Xbox 360
- 1 Xbox 360 Accesories Kit
- 1 "Viva Pinata" Game
- 1 "Viva Pinata" faceplate

The sweepstakes is on the front page. Whack the Pinata and enter the information on the bottom.
Enter age between 9-12

Only 5 winers will recieve the prizepack.

4KidsTV ussually has slim chances of winning sweepstakes, but always worth a try.
Good thing I have a brother. I remember 3-5 years ago I won something from them. Now lets hope I can win again. :D
[quote name='Zahiti']I entered 15, and it was accepted. lol[/QUOTE]

It's open to anyone ages 17 and under.
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