XBL and Windows Phone


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My girlfriend has a gamer tag on my 360 with about 3k gamer score. She just got a Windows Phone and wants to keep her achievements. Her account is a basic account that doesn't have online access. What can I do through my 360 or her Windows Phone to let her continuing using the same profile on her phone and not lose her gamer scorre?

Thanks for any help
I'll have to have her try it out. How do you like your phone? Pros and cons? Do you use it at all for work or business?

I've been considering getting one. I like her samsung focus and feel that having a Windows phone would be more beneficial for me for business use, plus it's a very sleek operating system for personal use. My iPhone has the personal side, not the business side.
I have a Samsung Focus and my wife has the LG WP& and we both like them. It's for personal use, and is the 1st true smart phone either of us has had. Apps are pretty good, still a lot less than Android or iPhone, but it's growing.

The XBL games are hit and miss, but there are some pretty good ones out there, and there are some good free/low cost not XBL games to play. My kids enjoy playing on the phone.
Well I've had an iPhone for over 2 years and the phone is great overall, but there are a few glaring problems that irritate me.

By far the worst is the lack of Flash support. Why Apple continues to refuse to support it is beyond me. This is the sole reason I will be replacing my iPad with another tablet when a great one comes out. Hopefully this will be soon since nearly every computer, electronics, or phone company is working on a tablet.

Next is the app store. Yes, there are over 300k apps, but 98% of them are garbage. It makes it tough to filter through the crap. A large number of these are also games, which I don't care too much about. I find that the best gaming experiences are had on a handheld or console with buttons and control sticks/pads. The games I play on my iPhone are simple, casual games. Based on my searches of the Windows Marketplace, WP7 will offer nearly everything I want and need for apps.

Another reason I've considered a WP is due to Nokia's decision to support WP7 exclusively. Nokia is still a global force, so the Windows apps will only grow more abundant when more and more phones sell worldwide. It's good for Microsoft to have the worlds biggest cellphone manufacturer supporting them
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