YMMV Family Video closing all stores!


As of January 5, Family Video will be closing down nationwide.  All of their local stores should have liquidation sales.  From a recent store closing, most PS4 and XBOX1 games sold for $10 and movies range from $1-$12 dollars each.  They are also selling movie and video game posters.

If you are lucky, you can snag some anime, tv series, or possibly switch games.  I am unsure how many Family Videos are left.  There are currently no amazing sales on their website. You can check their website for the nearest one.


I never had one but I used to use their online store to pre order 360/Wii games since they were $10 off. I had no idea they were even still around.

RIP Family Video. Hope y'all get some good finds before the stores are raided.
A sad day. Went into the Topeka Kansas store and purchased a few items. Got Hostiles 4k Blu Ray and Hellfest Blu Ray for $1.50 each, and the infamous Divinity Original Sin- PS4 for $9.99

Probably the last video rental store I know of.  There were two around me that closed shop months ago.  I remember occasionally stopping by those stores to just browse and pick up a movie or game here and there.  Since Covid-19 hit, however, I stopped going (which is pretty much the case with every store I regularly went to).

I hope video rental stores come back in some niche form, but with everything spiraling out of control, and no clear end in sight, it'll probably take at least three years before the market demand for one of these comes back.

Probably the last video rental store I know of. There were two around me that closed shop months ago.
We got a small chain in western MD known as Wonder Book & Video and it's probably the last store in the state that does video rentals. Although since they operate like goodwill in (mostly) book/media trade ins, they stick around. Really cool place to visit if you're ever wandering in my state.

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For what it's worth, I revisited my nearest Family Video today to see if the prices had changed at all, and they haven't yet. Though the clerk did slide me a copy of Kidding: Season One for $5 (down from $12.99), so I can't complain.
Stores near me dont have much left for movies and the prices havent changes much on them
But did manage to get an xone copy of Immortals Phoenix Rising for $13.
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The pricing on these liquidations seems to vary wildly.  The one store that still has its long-time store manager had good pricing from the get-go (even the newest games were $29.99 tops), whereas most of the stores seem to have pricing dictated by the temp employees manning them, which has lead to head scratchers like Spider-Man for PS4 for $39.99.  I'm still never gonna top my home store's closing a couple of months ago, which had the combo liquidation pricing active from the get-go, letting me get a ton of first party Switch games for just under $20 a pop.

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