Yobo vs. Messiah NEX vs. ???


Need an opinon from someone who has actually used/owned these...

I just recently dug out my old NES for my son who is 5 yrs old. He can handle the two buttons simple layout of the controller and loves playing the xapper games.

I repinned my old NES with a new 72 pin connector. Did a great job of fixing issues with the old guy, but even after a month of use the games are super hard to pull out and seat. My little guy has alot of trouble loading games himself.

I'd like to maybe get a system for his room so he can play on his own. I bought a NEX on ebay (haven't used or opened it yet) but I'm thinking maybe we should go another direction. I've heard the NEX is hard to line up games in the slot? Should we go for a top loader like the yobo?

I don't care about price. I don't care about 100% compatibility and audio/video issues with clones. I just want something quality that will stand up to the kids use and be easy for him to use.

Any suggestions? Any opinions on use of the yobo or nex?


I say if money isn't an issue get an official NES toploader!
To be honest, I haven't tried the Nex or the Yobo since the method below worked the best for me.
If I were you, I would just find a Nes game genie instead. Seems to work for me though sometimes the connection isn't perfect with an occasional messed pixal or image that forces me to reset and start over.
Thanks...I really don't want to buy both. I would open the NEX and give it a try if I could but it is in a sealed clear plastic box. I would have to destroy it to open it.

The yobo seems like it owuld be good, but I had a yobo prior (the non-us version) and I hated the adapter for it. The games were wobbly and did not seat right.

I wondering how well the game seat with both of these systems and if one would be eaiser than the other for a young kid.

I don't really like the idea of a game genie...it would make loading games harder, etc. I'm looking for simple

I always hear/read about how the official NEW toplaoder is crappy with the RF only video support...but in the same sentence you hear how these AV purist say the yobo and NEX have issues too. So which would be the lesser of all evils?

Thanks for looking!

The real NES Toploader can only connect using rf unless you mod it, its not worth the price.

I have the original nes, the official toploader, and a yobo, and I use the yobo almost exclusively.

The yobo is easy to use, the game dont stick, and as long as they are clean they play no problem. And the best part is the nintendo spec controller ports, so you can use the zapper or whatever you want. I use my dogbone controller from my toploader.
So like a dummy I didn't realize there was just clear tape on the nex box (the box is clear too) I pulled off the tape and took the main system out to just try some games. Boy I'm glad I did. It's really hard to get the games in this system! It's an even tighter fit and becuze the system is so small, you have to grab it with both hands to bull a cartridge out. I also noticed its leaving marks on the game cartridges as well (there are like for plastic ribs to guide the cartridge.

It's cosmetically a very slick unit in looks and size, but definitely not going to fit the bill for me in this situation.

It's good to hear the feedback on the yobo like that. I am not a video or sound purist. So if the game looks a tad off color wise ( I doubt I would even notice) How do you feel about compatibility and sharpness of graphics?

Thanks again,

Nah, I don't think it will. I know the nex won't and I think compatibilty is about the same.

I think Commando, Gauntlet, micro machines and Castlevania 3 are the big ones.
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