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Epinions.com - Get money for writing reviews

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Posted 10 April 2007 - 01:39 AM

Epinions.com is a website where you write reviews and they pay you for writing the reviews. I will be honest and say you probably won't get a lot of money out of this right away but the longer your reviews sit on the site the more money you will get. If you like to write reviews on games or any products or online stores (finally a way to vent on how crappy gamestop.com is now!!) this is the place to be because at least you get paid for it, and are not writing for free like with some other sites. Don't write reviews on message boards post them on epinions instead and start earning money! You can also get bonuses at the end of the year if you have written enough reviews. The website is totally legit, I have been using it for years. Payment comes in the form of checks.

Please sign up under the name "saraab" if you are considering signing up. I couldn't find a referral link to my name so I am assuming you can just sign up under my name.

Also, please view my reviews at: