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Let's Trade Referrals- My Gaminglagoon for your ___

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Posted 24 April 2007 - 11:48 PM

I have a Gaminglagoon.com account. I'm sure you all know of this site. Well...I need more points for more free gaming things, such as Wii Points and X-Box Points. So anyone who is willing to sign up under my referral link provided below:


I will sign up under one of your sites, any other ones...preferably no lagoon sites, and do what I can to help you gain referrals. But not only do you get my referral...you will also get my girlfriend to join as a referral for you as well. Basically...for every one referral I get for Gaminglagoon.com from someone, they will get TWO referrals to any other site from me. All I ask is you hopefully be active on Gaminglagoon.com...so I can gain more points!

Send me a private message if interested. We can set up the referrals ASAP!

P.S. You could also sign up under my Wii account at Giftorb.com too:
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