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Referral/Freebie site guide

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Posted 07 May 2007 - 08:47 PM

So, you want to start using a freebie site?
Guide written by TooShort4

Alright. Freebie sites are awesome, right? Of course. You get stuff free! With the hassle of getting referrals. Here is a simple guide I put together on doing freebie sites.

How do they do it?
Affiliates. You know the offers you do to get your prize? Well yeah, they pay the site when you sign up for it, and they pay for your prize! It really is legit.

Do's and Dont's
Tell your friends.
+Fill out offers with real information.
+Read the Terms and Conditions of EVERY SITE
-Spam your referral link.
-Do offers more than once.
-Use fake information
-Have multiple accounts.

You can see the don'ts outnumber the do's. . . so keep that in mind.


What the heck is a conga?
Imagine a real conga. It is a group of people that try to get one item. For example, you post your referral link. The next person signs up under you and posts their referral link. Then the next person signs up under the second person, and then when the top 3 people all get 3 referrals, it keeps going with the next people and so on.

Follow this, and you will have your prize in no time!

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