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stuff for trade and sell, pc, wii, ps2

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Posted 14 December 2007 - 03:02 AM

rosewill 750watt power supply, [new]

megaman x collection
haunting ground
metal gear solid 3 subsistance
baldurs gate 1

dead space
metal gear solid 4
ninja gaiden 1

resident evil umbrella chronicles
rayman raving rabbids 1
metroid prime 3
mario and sonic at the olympic games
mercury meltdown
alien syndrome

DS ;
ace attorney apollo justice
ace attorney justice for all
ace attorney phoenix wright
ace attorney trials and tribulations
advance wars;days of ruin
arkanoid ds
big brain academy
bleach dark souls
bleach; blade of fate
brain age
bust a move ds
clubhouse games
cookies and cream
cooking mama 1
crosswords ds
diddy kong racing
dk jungle climber
elite beats agent
final fantasy 3
final fantasy 4
geometry wars galaxies
hotel dusk room 215
kirby canvas curse
kirby squeak squad
kirby super star ultra
legend of zelda phantom hourglass
legend of zelda spirit tracks
lunar knights
mario and donkey kong march of the minis
mario and luigi bowser's inside story
mario and luigi partners in time
metal slug 7
metroid prime pinball
myster case files millionheir
nanostray 1
nanostray 2
ninja gaiden dragon sword
nintendogs dachshund and friends
picross ds
planet puzzle league
pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time
puzzle quest challenge of the warlords
rayman raving rabbids
resident evil deadly silence
rhythm heaven
scurge hive
sonic rush
sonic rush adventure
space invaders extreme
tetris ds
touchmaster 1
touchmaster 2
trace memory
ultimate mortal kombat
viewtiful joe double trouble
yoshi's island ds


GAMECUBE ; trade/sale - all are complete with manual, inserts and case
gamecube indigo system [1 indigo controller, power and av cable]
metroid prime 1
naruto clash of ninja 1
donkey kong jungle beat
donkey konga
bust a move 3000
capcom vs snk
soul calibur 2
need for speed underground 2
bloody roar primal fury
beyond good and evil
zelda wind waker

castlevania legacy of darkness
castlevania 64
indiana jones and the infernal machine
diddy kong racing
mario tennis
donkey kong 64
pokemon stadium 2
pokemon stadium 1
pokemon snap
fzero x
rayman 2
excite bike 64 [cart only]
yoshi's story
banjo kazooie
resident evil 2
paper mario
star wars shadows of the empire
scooby doo classic capers
legend of zelda majora's mask
legend of zelda ocarina of time [non gold cart]
san francisco rush 2 [cart only]
banjo tooie
hey you pikachu
jet force gemini
star wars rogue squadron [no manual]
mario party 1
mario party 3
beetle racing adventure
turok 2 [cart]
star fox 64 [cart only]
south park [cart only]

complete sega cd system
-sega cd system model 2 with a sega genesis system model 2
-2 power cables, 1 3-button controller, and 1 rca cable

SEGA CD ; all are complete unless noted
lethal enforcers [cd only]w/gun [blue] [manual maybe]
sewer shark [cd and manual only]
masked rider kamen rider zo
dracula unleashed
double switch
tomcat alley
ecco tides of time
mortal kombat
trivial pursuit
adventure of batman and robin
amazing spiderman [two copies]
nba jam
mighty morphin power rangers
inxs [carton case]
sega classic arcade collection + ecco the dolphin
-streets of rage, revenge of shinobi, columns, golden axe, super monaco gp and ecco the dolphin
-it's on a paper dual cd holder with manual for sega classic arcade and ecco the dolphin
sonic cd [on a paper cd holder]
marky mark and the funky bunch [carton case]


ds games
dragon quest 9
professor layton and the unwound future

ps3 games

wii games
tatsunoko vs capcom
sin and punishment 2
just dance

post or pm me [preferably pm] what you want or what you are looking for or any questions you may have. please give an offer.

payments i accept are usps money order [the ones you buy from the post office], cash if you live in the nyc area and are interested in something and wanting to pick-up and paypal.

thanks for looking!

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