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Posted 12 April 2008 - 04:57 AM

So I am behind, I just listened to Mega Muffins tonight and one topic stood out for during the CAG bag segment when someone wondered if Cheapy and Wombat thought going to GameFAQs was considered cheating. I scanned through the Mega Muffin topic and didn't see anything about a mention to it.
I don't think going to a walkthrough is cheating. To me, cheating is using an all weapons code in GTA or when I was 9 and used the Game Genie to beat Super Mario Bros. 3. If the walkthrough didn't exist, I might not of finished a lot of games. I like going through the first time and trying to get everything or nearly everything. Don't get me wrong, I do figure things out too, but when playing a game in like the Final Fantasy series that is 50+ hours long, I'd like to know that there is an awesome summon on an island out in the middle of nowhere.