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Retro stuff - Entertainment Liquidators

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Posted 13 April 2008 - 03:48 PM

I went to a store I used to frequent quite a bit in Mississauga, Entertainment Liquidators. I want to give a head's up on some stuff they have, including some cool items I bought.

BNIB Action Replay Max for PS2 - $3
(I've heard it's good, so I figured the price was right. They had more copies there)

BNIB PS1 game with memory card - $5
(WWF War Zone! Not a lot of selection with a memory card)

BNIB Mega Memory 16MB PS2 card - $5
(I'm going to see if I can exchange this because I read about it after I bought it, it's apparently not a normal memory card. You need to load a driver disk every time you want to use it :-?)

Other stuff I noticed:
-PS2, PS1, XBox, GBA, Gamecube and N64 games, new and used. Some N64 games were BNIB!?
-A Gamecube battery pack. It attaches to the bottom of your 'cube for taking it on the road.
-Gamestop PS2 controllers for $10
-lots of GBA accessories like skins and car chargers (from $1 and up)
-some new and used PS1 games from $3 and up, mostly old Maddens and basketball, but some other stuff too.
-Tons of PC software like kids' educational and games. Some of it is stuff that hasn't been out long (like DMC4). It's also a 3 for $25 deal there for box software, similar deal for jewel case stuff.
-Lots of DVDs, VHS and books. Even some entertainment shelving.

If you live in Mississauga, check it out:

EDIT: forgot to add that there were some Dreamcast games and a 3rd party GC memory card (with that same crappy disk loading software I think). Also, that PS1 memory card should work for Metal Gear Solid if you pick up MGS:Essentials to play on your PS2 (that's why I got it, not for the sweaty wrestlers).

If any CAGs are interested and live out of area, let me know and we can try to arrange something.