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Custom roster updates for MLB Power Pros 08

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Posted 30 July 2008 - 12:59 PM

A huge complaint with last year's game was that there were no roster updates and you couldn't easily move players around, adn that problem is still present in this year's game, this is my one and ONLY valid complaint of the game, I still love it. But now it'll take some work to get those rosters to their current states.

So I'll use an example that I did last night.

You have to go to Arrange, and arrange all the teams that have had roster changes since the start of the season. I'd did the Rich Harden trade.

So I had to create the Cubs, just chose the Cubs, then go to pitchers/fielders and select which players to add, I added Rich Harden from the A's. Then you have to delete players from that team (Cubs) that got traded to the A's. So Matt Murton and Eric Patterson, hmm but no Sean Gallahger in the game, oh well.

Then go to the A's and do the same thing that I did with the cubs but substitute players. So delete Harden and add Paterson and Murton.

This can be done for any movement, but keep in mind that if you add a player from one team to another, you have to go and delete that player from that team so you wont have 2 copies of that player on your custom roster. Remember to save the teams after you edit each one. There are 32 slots so there is enough space to have 30 custom mlb roster teams.

Now to import them (only in the season mode) once you're on the team select screen go to the top and select the arranged team option and then just replace each of the regular teams with your custom arranged team.

Its a pain in the ass but the only way to enjoy this game with a real roster. Also you'll want to edit most of the players seeing as the abilities for most players are not configured correctly, like Derek Lee having a C contact rating.

This might not help anyone out as of now since the game just came out, but it is an issue and hopefully people can work around it. But once you arrange your teams your fine, just switch them in when you start a new season mode, it only works in season mode, not in MLB life or anything. But Season is where its important.

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Posted 31 July 2008 - 04:58 AM

Interesting, I thought the roster updates were supposed to be easy for this game?

Anyway, why didn't you post this in the Power Pro 08 thread?