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The Twin Snakes.

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Posted 04 August 2008 - 08:59 PM

For a while now, I have been wanting to get into the MGS series, but never got around to buying The Essential Collection. Now that I have bought Soul Caliber 4, it looks like I will have to wait a while longer.

But I forgot that a while back, my friend gave me his copy of Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes for the Gamecube but I have been real hesitant on playing it because I wanna play it for the system it was meant to play on.

So the question is...Should I go ahead and play it and buy the Essential Collection later, or wait to buy the Essential Collection?
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#2 Moxio   Supervillain CAGiversary!   35394 Posts   Joined 14.5 Years Ago  

Posted 04 August 2008 - 09:00 PM

It's up to you. The Twin Snakes is essentially MGS1 with a FPS add-in and enhanced graphics. I recommend it.

#3 JetTone   Life CAGiversary!   2759 Posts   Joined 12.6 Years Ago  

Posted 04 August 2008 - 09:09 PM

If you do play twin snakes, set the difficulty to hard, otherwise it's too easy. Otherwise it's basically the same game.

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Posted 04 August 2008 - 09:50 PM

Sell the twin snakes if it is still going for over $50 (mine did a few weeks ago) and use the money to buy the Essential collection + some profit...

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Posted 05 August 2008 - 04:36 AM

I had the same dilemma (had both twin snakes and essentials collection) but chose to play Twin Snakes first. I figured since the games were basically the same, why not pick the one with better graphics. After playing Twin Snakes tho, I tried playing the PS version for about 10 minutes and couldn't really get myself to go through the same game again but with lower-quality graphics. In hindsight, had I played MGS1 for PS first, the better graphics on gamecube might have given me more incentive to play through it again and experience both. But as of right now, I don't see myself picking up MGS1 anytime soon.

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Posted 06 August 2008 - 05:19 AM

What do you mean a system it was meant to be played on? It was remade for the gamecube and its still a great game plus it has graphics that dont kill your eyes.

Only thing that really made me mad was that a few of the voices were changed, other than that it is awesome and it was rebuilt to play on the cube, so it is meant to be played on that system.