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Wanted: Cheap laptop (200 or lower)

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Posted 16 August 2008 - 12:58 AM

I'm looking for a laptop computer to do pixel art (tofb-the-baconator.deviantart.com) and maybe word processing.

It can be any operating system that has "True Color".

It can be ugly and beat up.

I don't need a disk drive.

I don't even necessarily need internet access (would be nice).

I don't need speakers (do they even make laptops without sperakers?).

As small as screen as you can throw at me, go ahead.

It needs at least one USB port (preferrably 2) and at least 4 gigs of memory (more would be nice, of course).

RAM is no object.

It has to work reliably; no sudden shutdowns or really slow startup.

Will need charger and battery; battery life of an hour or more.

The only program I need is MSPaint, although Office is a plus.

I'd prefer it to be under 100 bucks because I'm 15 and broke as hell, but up to 200 I could probably beg for it for Christmas.

So, if anyone could find something like this for me on the 'net and/or sell/trade me for it, I'd appreciate it!

- Skyler
I'm a pixel artist and I do commissions! PM me for details.