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Picture Problems

#1 jdmojojojo   CAG Veteran CAG Veteran   1 Posts   Joined 9.8 Years Ago  


Posted 21 September 2008 - 08:58 PM

Ive had my gamecube for six years, Up until about 4 months ago it was in the bedroom working fine on the tv it was bought for, but now it has been passed down to the eldest.

The problem is that it is showing a black and white picture.

Its a US Gamecube, I bought a RGB cable but still the same problem.

Any idea's ? Or links to the cable i need would be most helpful

#2 yayece   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   297 Posts   Joined 12.8 Years Ago  

Posted 22 September 2008 - 08:06 AM

I'm not entirely certain from your post what you've tried, but you can try some typical troubleshooting...

You've basically got 3 different components. The gamecube, the cable, and the tv. Swap out one at a time, and you should be able to figure out which one is causing the problem. I'm sure you've got a spare TV around, and you oughta be able to find someone with a known good Gamecube/cable.

#3 Crunchewy   What? CAGiversary!   21874 Posts   Joined 11.7 Years Ago  

Posted 22 September 2008 - 08:35 PM

We had a problem with a gamecube that was like this and it turned out that my brother-in-law was putting the PS2 connector on a multi-system cable into the gamecube port. This resulted in a picture, but black-and-white. I suspect this has nothing to do with your issue, but I figured I'd mention it anyway. I was just surprised that there was a picture at all, or that the PS2 connector would even go into the GCs port.