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Micro Astrologer: Unlock the Secrets of the Zodiac (Commodore 64)

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Posted 02 January 2009 - 07:17 AM

System: Commodore 64
Title: Micro Astrologer
Publisher: Commodore
Circa: 1984
Overall Rating: 80%


When I was like 8 years old, I decided one day that I want a telescope so that I could look at the moon and the stars. And so, I saved my pocket money month after month, until I finally had enough to buy the telescope. And then I would spend an hour every night looking through it at the moon and the stars.

My parents saw this and bought me a game for my Commodore 64 called Micro Astrologer. They figured that since I was looking at the moon and the stars every night, I would be interested in Astrology. But they were wrong, all I wanted to do was to look at the moon and the stars.

And so this game gathered dust in a box full of other toys that I never touched. Until now, when I dug it up and decided to insert it into my Commodore 64.


You are the story. This software is about finding out who you are. You may or may not believe in astrology. Frankly, I do not believe in it much. I don't even read the daily horoscope. But I am open minded, and am always willing to give things a try. According to the manual, "The Micro Astrologer combines the power of a computer with the accumulated knowledge of many astrologers, making sophisticated interpretations (based on very precise calculations) readily available." The manual then goes on to explain how "Astrology can help you better understand yourself and others, and some of the influences affecting you (or others) at particular times." Interesting.

The manual gives a short, yet informative, overview on the field of Astrology. I felt...

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Micro Astrologer: Unlock the Secrets of the Zodiac
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