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CAGs, any suggestions on confirguing your Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel (+ more)?

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Posted 05 January 2009 - 05:38 PM

NOTE: My apologies if anything I asked below has been covered elsewhere within CAG. I need to replace the hard drive on my laptop and it causes very frustrating delays when I'm forced to use it (which is daily). So I want to do as much as possible before the hard drive fails altogether and this was on my "to do" list.

Happy New Year, CAGs.

I love racing games and Microsoft's wonderful Xbox 360 wireless racing wheel, but have had several issues finding a comfortable setting when playing most games. Nearly always, I find the wheel is extremely touchy when slightly off center. For example, I'm thinking that I'm making a minor adjustment and the game thinks I want to fly off the course completely. Attempts at correcting the error quickly leads from overcorrecting to point of no return and race over in a split seconds. Games like PGR 3 & 4 are easy to adjust to due to its arcade-centric controls. Forza 2 and Codemasters' DIRT and GRID, not so much. I've wanted to throw my racing wheel at the TV because of the frustration.

Now of course, I can just use the standard controller. And I do quite well with it. Unfortunately, joint fatigue in my thumbs and sweaty palms force me to not play them for weeks and sometime months. Furthermore, it becomes a handicap when playing online and thumbs become fatigued 2 - 3 times faster.

I've made attempts in the past year to find other forums dealing with this subject (even the forums on Xbox.com). I guess you could say that my fucking googling skills are lacking? Nobody's perfect. So I was hoping that other CAG members had suggestions they would like to share with me and other members on how they configure their racing wheel for comfort, responsiveness, sensitivities, etc. (sorry, but I don't know all of the technical terms used in the wheel's settings) and if their settings are comfortable with all of their racing titles or if separate adjustments have to be made between not only game titles but the vechicles in their respective games.

Some examples of suggestions that might be of help to all:

- setting a particular fuction to a certain percentage
- adjust a slidebar setting to a certain length (adjust the slidebar length 2/3 to right of center for better steering, throttle and/or brake feel)
- screen shots

Finally if there are some CAG members that understand technical aspects of setting up a vehicle within a particular racing title (i.e.: toe-in, spring rate, anti-roll bar stiffness, level of downforce, brake bias, etc.) and are willing to share such advice, it would be greatly appreciated.

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