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Posted 12 January 2009 - 09:01 PM

I know about the 80% off sale (stacked with edge) at Gamestop but was wondering if anyone else is discounting and clearing out their GB\GBC games? The few stores I went to either didn't have any, or had so few that they offered me a deal to take them all so they had less to inventory.

I'm kinda late to this deal, but if your in a local Gamestop\EB and see a bunch of games, I'd even be interested in paying you a small commission (or trade) to get a bunch for me. I'm finding I like the old school\classic games much better then the new GBA\DS titles. I'm up for anything except titles I have (ask for list) or Barbie\young kiddie games.

Or has anyone else heard of other people moving these? :hot: