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Sonic CD

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Posted 17 February 2009 - 07:44 AM

System: Sega-CD
Title: Sonic CD
Publisher: Sega
Circa: 1993
Overall Rating: 90%


Sonic, traveling around through time! Yea, the Blue Hedgehog has had a time-travelling game, but a well-done one. When I got my Sega-CD I was looking and got Sonic CD shortly after, I couldn’t find any with it bundled in. It didn’t take long, but I got it and loaded it up with joy. The game offers something a little different from the Sonic games of that era. I sat down to play the game again to write this review and found myself quite lost in a trance, just lulling me to play more and more. If it weren’t for the call to write this review, there’d be more interruption in writing this to play the game some more honestly.


For one month of each year, the Little Planet appears over Never Lake. On this tiny world rest the Time Stones, which possess the power to manipulate time, both past and future. Dr. Robotnik has found his way to the tiny world and has begun to try and take it over. It’s up to Sonic the Hedgehog to get there, save the animals and the Time Stones from his clutches.


This game is somewhat deceive initially in what you’d expect in terms of the levels. While there are 3 acts per zone, there are at 3 different versions of any given stage you’re going through. Sonic in this game has gained the ability to travel through time by hitting a Time Post and running fast for a time. Using this ability, Sonic needs to find the Robot Generator hidden in each Past level by Dr. Robotnik. Doing so changes the Future version of the stage into a much more rural and vivid scene with animals and smooth sailing. Missing this part of the stage or going forward in time before destroying the Generator hidden in the Past yields a mired version of a stage. There are more monsters, more hazards and major polluted version in it. Each stage has one hidden Robot Generator and it does take a bit of patience to locate each one. Still, the time invested pays off in that it makes the stage ultimately easier to clear and slightly more aesthetically pleasing as well.

In this game, Sonic Team introducing something the Gamers came to know as the Spin-Dash, just there are two versions, one done crouching (we all know this one) and one done standing. Neither can be revved as much as the Spin-Dash in Sonic 2, but it definitely works as an earlier version of the move. This does help quite a bit in the game so that it’s easier to reach some areas where you simply don’t have the room to...

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Sonic Boom - Sonic CD blast back from the past
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Posted 17 February 2009 - 11:19 PM

Always nice to see Sonic CD get some appreciation. For my money its the best Sonic game ever made.

The special stages were very interesting as well, mode 7 3d-ish levels where you have to destroy UFO's. I liked how you had the option of either completing all the special stages, or destroying all the generators in the past to get the good ending.

It did predate Sonic 2 even though it was released later, I liked the direction this game went in (with Naoto Oshima) much more than Sonic 2 (with Yuji Naja).

The US soundtrack was criticized but I was happy with it, though I'm sure fans of techno would've been outraged. And I bet even they couldn't sit through the Japanese theme with a straight face. I liked how they went with a more "musical" sound, the techno version sounds almost like an extension of traditional 16 bit game music.