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Places for int shopping run from Tokyo

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Posted 02 April 2009 - 04:10 AM

It's possible to buy English language hardware in Tokyo, but it's hard work and unless I'm missing something, you really pay over the odds. For example Yodabashi Akiba has a selection of English language Sony notebooks (on the 3rd floor near the travel agent) - but the Sony P netbook was 157,000yen - about 100,000yen more than the same model with a Japanese o/s. Laox has a better selection but its still overpriced and you can't really get the models you'd like. English language software is available in a few places. These have changed over the years although I quite like Aso City on the main street. Also Play-asia.com (which I heard about from Cheapy D on the podcast) delivers in a timely fashion. If i had relatives or good friends in the US maybe the best thing would be to get them to mail hardware to me here. However my family is England - a place where hardware is also overpriced. So I'm thinking of making a trip overseas for 3 days to buy a netbook and maybe an Xbox 360 with Rockband or Guitarhero. Airfares are cheap at the moment. The options are: 1. Manila - great place for a holiday, cheap hotels, English widely spoken, exotic. However from my holiday in the past I don't recall much in the way of large computer stores with up to date stock at bargain prices. Anyone know of any? 2. Singapore. Hotels more expensive, very much like Tokyo so not much good for a holiday, good English bookstores - can anyone recommend or advise against Singapore as a shopping destination? 3. The United States - long air trip, seems somewhat dangerous if you stay in cheap hotels, undoubtedly good shopping centers. I wonder where a good place to go would be (which city? which chain?). 4. Hawaii - would be a nice place for a quick holiday - but I would guess that the prices of hardware is high. 5. Hong Kong - not sure about Hong Kong - maybe the hardware sold is mostly Chinese? Any help you could give would be most appreciated. Cheers, Z

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Posted 03 April 2009 - 11:21 AM

I decided against a trip - didn't have time for a proper holiday - would be expensive and troublesome just to go for a day or two. I love using Amazon.com - great for everything except computer software, hardware and magazine subscriptions. This afternoon I started looking at some small sites that ship computers internationally. Here is one that lets you buy stuff in the US and they ship it to you. It looks legit as far as I can see, but i couldn't work out how they made money. http://www.ishop-america.com/order.php Here's a useful thread on a site for South African gamers who have the same problems we do with being overcharged and not being able to buy stuff (worse probably). http://mybroadband.c...ad.php?t=151784 I finally realized that even though Amazon wouldn't ship the ASUS Eee PC 1000HEi internationally - one of the Amazon marketplace vendors they link to on the product page would. Which is great because Amazon already has my credit card details and shipping address so I just had to click a few times and it's on its way.

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Posted 21 August 2009 - 02:18 PM

I know there used to be a website run by some Japanese guy where all you had to do was e-mail him with the website and product you want and he would order the item for you, and re-ship it out after he got it... all for a price obviously... but just cant remember what its called... any one know what im talking about???