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GTA4 - Xbox 360

#1 yellowsnow4free  


Posted 06 April 2009 - 02:59 AM

Hey everyone

I'm looking for GTA4 for Xbox 360; not sure if I'm too late to find this.

I know Blockbuster has it used (if you can find it) for $15, but I've yet to find a Blockbuster in my area that has it in stock.

It's not a rush or anything, but I'm hoping to find a copy for around $20 (new or used), but if it is used I'd like it to come with everything (original case, map, and instruction manual) and the disc needs to be in good shape (no scratches).

I'm okay with iTrader, but I'd prefer to find it in a store. Anybody know of any deals? (or is willing to make one :))