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The Magic Candle (Commodore 64 RPG)

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Posted 07 April 2009 - 05:07 AM

System: Commodore 64
Title: The Magic Candle
Publisher: Mindcraft
Circa: 1989
Overall Rating: 100%

The best RPG. Ever.

As a kid, the moment I started playing it, I instantly got hooked. I would daydream about The Magic Candle in school every day, eagerly awaiting the time I would go home and resume my adventures in the world of Deruvia.


Behold Lukas! Thy adventure commences as you proceed to the court of King Rebnard, ruler of Deruvia.

Your adventure began a few days earlier, when you see a lone monk hanging a paper in the signpost on the road to Phaleng. Heroes Wanted. The Lands of Deruvia are in dire peril. A band of brave companions must be formed. Volunteers report to our royal castle. Rebnard, King of Deruvia. Moments later, from your hiding place, you see that paper shredded by a band of Orcs. For Deruvia is no longer a safe place for the children of light, with Orcs and Wolvinga wandering about the roads.

As a ranger, you have done a lot to serve the forest of Pheron. You have gazed upon the royal castle a many times, but have never left the forests. But you feel a sense of destiny, drawing you to King Rebnard's court.

The manual does a very good job to get you into the atmosphere. As you enter the castle, the manual further describes your experience. The splendor of the castle was more then he (Lukas [Ed]) had imagined: the towering ceiling, the intricate tapestries, the marble fountain in the main hall... Lukas saw the splendor, but could not marvel at it as he wished. A pall of gloom seemed to hang over the entire castle, damping everyone's spirit...

Continued at:
The Magic Candle RPG Review (Commodore 64)
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Posted 07 April 2009 - 01:28 PM

Would you believe I actually played that game? You have good taste.

Questron and Questron II have a dearer place in my heart, simply because I played them first. Legacy of the Ancients is also pretty good.
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