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Review of Skate 2

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Posted 21 April 2009 - 09:01 PM

So being a good boy, i helped my grandma. i got enough money to buy a game. when i was looking at them, all i could think of was all the fun that i had playing Skate 2 at my friend's house. So without even bothering to think twice i bought the game.

Well my friends (or whoever i really don't give a crap who), it was a good game. decent enough that a non-skater could play, and good enough that one of those ass-hats that shun video games all together could get into it.

STORY: So you completed Skate. right? well after (what i thought) was a great live action sequence with Danny Way as your officer that takes you out of your jail cell (kudos to d-way), you are picked up by your friend Mouth. He shows you around "New" (sarcastic air quotes) San Van. the reason i say this is because it's the same game as the first one (more on that later). Another video on how bails are cooler, new tricks, blah dee dah, and then you get to play, WAIT! no you don't. you have to do a bunch of tutorials (well if you opted to ). Finally you get to get on your board and skate around! so you dick around with the controls and you figure out the contols and all that fun stuff.
So basicly, there are these guys with yellow shirts you have to avoid or they kick the crap out of you if you skate next to them. obviosly its like the little town i live in where if you look at the cop funny they arrest you for having drugs or for picking your nose.
ok so maybe there is no real story, well if you count getting on a cover of "Thrasher" of "Skateboarding Mag" one then there you go.

GAMEPLAY:If your looking for a good change up, well your not going to find much. the bails can be bigger, the video editing is great and so is the sweet controls. this is what made me, a little video gamer that can't skate for his life, love this game. when i was little, tony hawk ruled the skateing game world. then a couple of years ago, Skate. came in, knocked him off his thorwn, raped his misstress, and killed his sons in a bad ass fashon. what i mean is Skate. had an idea like "hey why press buttons? why not just be able to use the sticks? HEY! its more realistic!" the only bad thing is that when i want to do a kickflip over some huge obsticle, i sometimes end up doing a "tweaked" ollie. and if you just have a thumb sesure trying to do some hard ass trick, and end up doing a pop shuvit. great, and you wipe out, double hurray... the only thing is that there needs to be more tricks. there is like 20 flip tricks and they are mostly the same from Skate one. also, the wipeouts are triggered if you trip on an ant that just needed to cross the street. there are also only 2 properties that you can get, so the "Real Estate Mogal" achivement is like an almost given because i earned a million dollars by just spending a whole day bailing.
For the most part the gameplay is the same from the first, and the walking kind of sucks. you jump as if you have lead in your pockets or extreamly fat. the only thing that is very, i mean very, band is the length. i beat it in around 3 days, altogether like maybe 12 hours or maybe 15. it takes a while to get some challenges, but they usually pay off.

SUM THIS BITCH UP!: As i played i couldn't help but give the creators a round of applause. the game looks, sounds, and preforms beautifuly. i was frustrated sometimes, but altogether was pleased at the level of challenge. it is a great way to maybe get into skating or just to live out your dream of flipping a board (a lot). so if your a skater, or a skate inthusiest, get this game. I think it was a great game, but it lacked depth, a story, and some variation of gameplay.

so this is Duckymcfly99 and thank you for reading this. any questions, just pm me.
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Posted 25 April 2009 - 02:55 PM

interest game) thanks for review