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Reviews, fun fun fun! (oh yeah...ummmm...how about Crackdown?)

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Posted 28 April 2009 - 09:16 PM

Ah, a job at a fast food joint (DAMN YOU ECONOMY!!!!) really helps when you are a gamer. the only thing wrong is that i need to buy something with my money that i get. so i walk to the used book store and browse around. they also have a game section. i take a peek a the 360 collection and i see crackdown. "Hmmmm...i think this was a good game," i say to myself. so i buy it right? well i was right.

STORY: There's a world, you need to save it, you jump high...woopie doo. and trust me that is about it...........really.

GAMEPLAY: When i first start, i pretty much walk into it blindly. after about an hour, i really get it. the game is like, GTA only you can be a good boy. i say "can" because you can also throw dead citizens that you just killed with a good swift kick to the face into an on-coming car. fun as it may sound...ok its a lot of fun........A LOT. not to freak anyone out, but it somewhat saticfying to hear the gentle "CRUNCH" of a gangster or citizen smacking into a car.
any hoo, when you level up the cars its cool to see them fly through the streets with ease. when you level up your jumping, its fun to blah dee dah. what i'm trying to say is that when you level up, its just the end for everyone, even you. you just have this sudden feeling of accomplishment when you jump from a huge ass building and land on a guy and then proceed to lift a fucking semi truck and throw it halfway to fucking Narnia. then it goes away after this moment passes. after that, you pick up a newer game (such as GTA IV) and rape the living snot out of everyone with an rpg.

FINAL WORD:So yes, i do greatly enjoy this game. even though it is an older game that has quite a bit of stuff that GTA IV stole. its like they went, "wait, hold it. what can we do for our next gta game? lets play some 'Crackdown'." *game case opening and seeing through the haze of pot smoke them saying things such as

a. "wow realistic driving!?!?!?!?!? who would have thought of that!?!?"

b. "woh man! we should do collecting missions that isn't even related to the story! man these guys that made this sure are awesome!"

c. "ok who ate all the cheetos?"

thank you for reading. if you can, find this game. it doesn't matter if your a hardcore, somewhat hardcore, casual, or just a sweaty pissed off office worker that wants to play a good, old fashioned shoot em' up game, you will greatly enjoy this game...................unless your Jack Thomson.

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