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Bang Bang Shooty KAPOW! (Mercs 2)

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Posted 23 May 2009 - 09:36 PM

Wal-Mart is an amazing place. You walk in to get a loaf of bread and you end up getting enough shit to last you the apocalypse. so while stocking up (i swear the end of the world will be zombies...just putting that out there) i found Mercenaries 2 on the shelf and i was intrigued by the mad looking dude with the Mohawk. as i was looking at the back, i found that there was shooty goodness to be had in this game.

Story Line: So you are called into Venezuela to take out this whole army to save one guy. when you do you get betrayed by the guy that hired you a.k.a. getting shot in the ass...*tee hee!*. So pretty much, its revenge.

Game Play: I really liked the way they did everything with the shooting. you can take cover, aiming is good and solid, the rag doll physics are great, and the view is great where ever you look. The only bad things are the driving and the voice acting.

you get the sense that they just recorded the lines in a day and thought, "well Fuck it. lets just go with the 3 lines we recorded for each character." it gets really annoying after a while...like i want to blow my brains out bad.

Driving sucked so bad. they made the driving button the A button on the Xbox 360 so my finger lost circulation after a good huge car chase with the dumb ass A.I. The A.I. is so bad that i can just lure them into a door with a pistol, wait, then just pick them off 1 by 1. it is very easy to also just walk into a camp, shoot the V.I.P. you need to kill/capture, and walk out again. also, if you do the slightest thing like look at them funny, they get pissy and make you little mohawked swiss cheese. back to the driving, the cars handle good but the set up was crappy. flying was shitty too. the helicopters handled funny, there is no jets or anything, and you have ammo for EVERYTHING. it just takes the fun out of it.

the bombs are awesome. this is what makes this game shine. the explosions are beautiful. it gives you this warm, fuzzy feeling inside when you drop a tactical nuke on a small, rural town. when shit goes bad, press select and just choose your poison. the only thing bad about this, is that you need to first find the helicopter guy, then find the mechanic chick, then you get to find the bomber guy. it really is a thing that shouldn't be there. i want explosions and i want them now! not wait 2 hours or even days!

Final Word: So this was an alright game. There where a couple of flaws in it, but it pulls of the ultimate shoot em' up experience. the online is great. the vehicles for 2 are the best.

its fun until you beat it. then you just kind of think, "wait, now what?". just find this game and rent it..

so thank you again. i greatly appreciate the read. send me a message if you have any questions.

Thanks. :)
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