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sokutai's trade list xbox, xbox 360 games, dvd's

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will not ship internationally will be shipping only in the U.S.A
willing to add money to a trade but not really interested in buying or selling
willing to trade more than one item reasonably
will take more pictures if necessary

sokutai's Ebay feedback

pics can be seen here


-Universe 2.0 Hardhead Walmart exclusive Ultra Class Msib
-Cybertron Soundwave with 2 weapons lazerbeak and key instructions
-GD-08 dino shout Msib
-GD-09 Demolishor(Cybertron Mudflap Mold) Mib (was missing twist ties but replaced)


-Phaeton with Command E-frame yellow claw version (stickers still sealed in in bag, bag has small slit where missiles were taken out of the bag bag still has instruction also) no box has both hand weapons

-Transformers ROTF Human Alliance Sideswipe Msib box has minor tear (see pic) Msib
-Transformers ROTF Deluxe Sideswipe Msoc
-Transformers ROTF Voyager Mindwipe Msib
-Transformers ROTF Voyager Ironhide with box and instructions
-Transformers ROTF Stalker scorponok Msoc
-k-mart exclusive RoTF war for the skies Msib
-k-mart exclusive Universe Mini-Con Class 10-Pack Msib ($18 shipped loose)
(CUSTOM) -Rotf Riot Shield Ironhide with box and instructionsRotf Riot Shield Ironhide

-Armada Optimus Prime with trailer missing minicon, missile, smokestack gun, electronics work
-Armada Jetfire missing nose, collar parts, missiles and minicon electronics work
-Armada Hot Shot with Jolt with instructions
-Armada Thrust with Inferno with instructions
-Armada Scavenger with Rollbar(missing missile)with instructions

-Energon Scorponok with both missiles no box or instructions
-Energon Storm Jet with instructions

Universe and 2.0
-Universe Devastator (R.I.D. Landfill redeco) complete figure with all weapons no box 1 set of instructions Bonecrusher, Long Haul, Hightower, and Scavenger
-Transformers Masterpiece Skywarp Wal-Mart Exclusive Msib
-k-mart exclusive Universe Mini-Con Class 10-Pack Msib
-Universe MicroMaster Silverbolt Aerialbots Msoc
-Universe MicroMaster Skydive Aerialbots Msoc
-Universe Voyager Target Exclusive Class Leo Prime-(Unopened Msib)
-Marvel Transformers Spider-Man and Iron Man Deluxe Combiner Figures (Msib)

Beast Wars
-Beast Wars Transmetal Rhinox minor chrome wear loose complete no instructions
-Beast Wars Transmetal 2 Scourge minor chrome wear loose complete no instructions

1st movie
-Transformers Bonecrusher (Jungle) from first movie
-Transformers Camshaft from first movie

-Transformers Animated activators bumblebee

-LEGO Family Home 6754 Msib
-LEGO 7197 Indiana Jones Venice Canal Chase Msib
-LEGO Bionicle Mazeka 8954 complete with box and instructions

GI Joe
-25th anniversary GI Joe Scarlett Msoc
-Gi Joe Rise of Cobra pit mobile headquarters Msib x2 ea
-Gi Joe Tiger Force Tiger Rat with Wild Bill Msib
-Gi Joe Python Patrol Conquest X-30 with Python Patrol Viper Msib
-Gi Joe Mighty Muggs Duke complete with box and gun

-Superman Batman PUBLIC ENEMIES 3 pack Captain Atom, Batman, Black Lightning Msib
-DC Direct series 1 OZYMANDIAS Msib
-Dc Infinite Heroes series 1 figure 18 Black Lightning Msoc
-Dc Infinite Heroes series 1 figure 19 The Spectre Msoc
-Dc Infinite Heroes 3 pack Black Adam, "Shazam" , Mary Batson Msib
-Dc Infinite Heroes 3 pack Green Lantern, Black Canary, Green Arrow Msib
-Dc Infinite Heroes 3 pack Starfire, Captain Boomerang, Raven Msib

-Ronin Warriors CYE Playmates figure no armor no weapons
-Gundam 1/100 Master Grade WD-M01 TURN A GUNDAM complete with box and all accessory's cow and pilot still on tree
-Balthier Bunanza Final Fantasy XII Play Arts Action Figure complete with box
-Revoltech Detroit Metal City Set #55 Krauser II, #56 Alexander Jagi, #57 Camus complete comes with
boxes all accessories stickers unused have been removed form boxes and displayed
-KOTOBUKIYA Star Wars Yoda vs. Emperor Palpatine ArtFX Statue complete
with box extra set of hands assembly guide taken out of box and been displayed
-Nintendo Monopoly Collectors Edition (sealed)
-Targus PA031U Travel Connection Kit - World Pack missing PWR-102

-Jade Empire

x-box 360
-Guitar Hero Aerosmith (sealed)

ps2 $25 for ps2 lot
-Armored Core 3
-Bards Tale
-NeoGeo Battle Coliseum
-Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (former rental)
-Onimusha 2 : Samurai's Destiny (former rental)
-Rygar(former rental)
-Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

Full Metal Alchemist Season 1 and 2 dvd box sets
-Monty Python and the Holy Grail (standard wide screen edition)
-Howard Lederern's Secrets of No-Limit Hold'em (sealed)
-Howard Lederern's More Secrets of No-Limit Hold'em (some of the shrink -=wrap has come off but not opened)
-Office Space
Batman Beyond : Return of the Joker
-The Doors : Special Edition

$30 for pc lot

-Legends of Might and Magic
-Dogs of War: Battle On Primus IV
-Giants: Citizen Kabuto
-Monty Python's The Meaning of Life
-Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
-Jeopardy! 2nd Edition
-Half life 2 Steam code (will also send 5 discs if requested)


Super High Priority

-Keroro Gunso dx-05 Daishogun (big tycoon)unbuilt with box

High Priority
Energon Omega Supreme Missile x2Acquiring
-KO Henkei Thundercracker
-KO Henkei Skywarp
-KO Henkei Electro-Disruptor Mirage
-Diamond Select Toys prowl bust
-Family mart prowl
-TFA EZ Collection campaign exclusive Prowl Clear Smoke
-Family mart activator skywarp
-TFA Wingblade Optimus Prime
-Power Rangers RPM Mach Megazord
-Power Rangers RPM Paleomax Megazord
-Power Rangers RPM Valvemax Megazord
-Crossfire 02--XF-02A Explorer Combat Unit Appendage Add-on Kit Set A
-Crossfire 02--XF-02B Munitioner Combat Unit Appendage Add-on Kit Set B
-TFA Leader class Megatron and Shadow Blade Megatron Missiles
-Ricochet (Subaru Impreza WRX) Weapon got one in a trade with no weapon
-Animated Activator Cliffjumper
-Black Animated Optimus Prime box is preferred but willing to take loose (for boxed starting offer gi joe roc pit if on the east coast of us)
-Sons of Cybertron Classics/Henkei Version Optimus Prime & Rodimus
-G.I. JOE SGT. SLAUGHTER 3.75'' Drill Instructor Figure (Triple 'T' Deco)
-TFA lucky draw deluxe gold optimus prime
-TFA EZ Collection campaign exclusive Optimus Prime Clear Red
-TFA EZ Collection campaign exclusive Prowl Clear Smoke
-TFA EZ Collection Optimus prime Gold
-Exo Squad EXOCARRIER RESOLUTE II with Mini E-Frames with box
-Exo Squad Kaz Takagi with ExoFighter Space E-frame
-Exo Squad Maggie Weston with Field Repair E-frame
-Exo Squad any cyberview e-frames
-HLJ exclusive Completely Transformable SDF-1
-Wal-mart Exclusive Masterpiece Starscream
-Brave Maximus(must have box),or Fortress Maximus, or Grand Maximus
-G. I. Joe USS Flagg (or most of one)
-Revoltech Enki #60 accessory Gurren Lagann Wings (want the wings only but will hear offers on whole figure)

Medium Prioity
-G1 or reissue Sixshot or Greatshot with guns
-Powermaster Doubledealer or Double Clouder with missile(both parts), bp, and knok and skar
-tfcc dion
-G. I. Joe Night Raven not the Rise of cobra one
-G. I. Joe HAVOC Vehicle
-Cybertron Galvatron
-Armada Optimus Prime missiles and smokestack gun x2
-Armada Optimus Prime gold spark plug
-TFA Voyager Thundercracker

eh? priority(low priority)

-Masterpiece GREAT EXKIZER MP-B01 AND MP-B02
-Armada Jetfire Collars x2
-Armada Jetfire Nose cone
-Armada Megatron tank turret missile
-Transformers Collectors Club Astrotrain with box and minicons
-Animated Activators would want at least 2 of these at a time
Patrol Bumblebee,Cliffjumper, Dirge, Grimlock, Lockdown, Bandit Lockdown
-TFA EZ Collection Elite Guard Prowl
-TFA japan deluxe Prowl
-TFA japan deluxe Samurai Prowl
-Henkei Prowl (universe 2.0 redeco)
-Energon K-Mart Exclusive Autobot S.W.A.T. Team Prowl
-Energon prowl
-SDCC 2010 Prowl Mighty Muggs
-hard heroes prowl bust
-armada Emergency Mini-Con Team Prowl (will take the 3 pack looking for blue and red ,blue and white, and X-Dimension
-Robots in Disguise Prowl
-Universe prowl (RID redeco)
-Micromaster Prowl (or complete micro-master Defensor)
-alternators Prowl (Acura RSX)
-Prowl Honda Integra Type-R (Police Style)
-Titanium Prowl (War Within)
-Decoy prowl
-Transformers Universe Stockade Stampede Prowl box

would have to do a large out right trade for any of these
-Generation 1 Overlord loose
-Transformers Victory Star Saber loose
-Transformers Victory Victory Leo loose

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adding some more stuff to the list

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CML for too human.

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