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Cheapest Xbox 360 in the UK

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Posted 25 July 2009 - 12:26 PM

My current Xbox 360 has predictably suffered with the dreaded red ring of death; I've owned an Xbox 360 since early 2006 and am out of the extended warranty period - Microsoft want £78.20 to repair the console excluding shipping, a sum which I'm not willing to pay.

I'm therefore looking for a replacement unit (new), preferably with a Falcon or Jasper board. The Jasper boards are the latest models although I would find it an annoyance to be asked every time if I wish to save to the internal memory or my external hard-drive, does anyone know if Jasper Premium models without internal memory exist?

I think my best option is to try and get an Arcade or Premium bundle from Game or Gamestation but see if they will let me trade-in the bundle contents whilst purchasing the console, e.g. £209 total price - £50 trade-in for the bundled goods (£159 total). Game have previously let me do this when purchasing an Xbox Live Starter Kit (for the original Xbox) and trading the bundled game back to them.

Does anyone have a better way to do this, or know of a cheaper alternative? Ideally I would like to not have to spend any money at all - I have an original boxed PSP and boxed DSi to put towards the trade-in which I hope would be able to cover most of the price of an Arcade SKU.

Thank you :)