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#1621 extra80   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   780 Posts   Joined 7.0 Years Ago  

Posted 26 November 2012 - 11:17 PM

Playstation All Stars code (Vita)
Batman: Year One animated movie (PSN code)
Mortal Kombat Online Pass

PSN cards / codes

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#1622 emwearz   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   977 Posts   Joined 5.9 Years Ago  

Posted 26 November 2012 - 11:44 PM

Trading rules
You pm dlc first and then i will
If your buying you pay first then i send

Good luck with that! New member with no feedback.

We have a feedback system here, the general rule is whoever has lower feedback trades first. For your early trades I suggest only trading with people with high feedback until your feedback gets high enough that members with low feedback will never trade first with you.
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#1623 Josh1billion   ゲーム開発者 CAGiversary!   2066 Posts   Joined 8.1 Years Ago  


Posted 26 November 2012 - 11:45 PM

- Assassin's Creed III Sharpshooter multiplayer DLC (available for either PS3 or 360, your choice)

- $1 amazon/paypal
- any indie bundle I don't already own



Developing some PS4/Vita games in my free time.  Website | Twitter | Facebook

Super Blackout released a while ago on PS Vita for $4.99.  Full PlayStation TV support.

Now working on a PS4/Vita platformer, coming soon.

#1624 dEvAnGeL   sHaMe oN yOu! CAGiversary!   757 Posts   Joined 7.6 Years Ago  

Posted 27 November 2012 - 04:07 AM

looking for all stars for ps vita, have paypal, please pm me

#1625 undeadzombie420   CAG Veteran CAG Veteran   25 Posts   Joined 7.4 Years Ago  


Posted 27 November 2012 - 07:39 AM

any rock band dlc i dont have or export codes


#1626 neversawthestars   CAG Veteran CAGiversary!   59 Posts   Joined 6.1 Years Ago  


Posted 27 November 2012 - 07:30 PM

Smart As for Vita $20psn or other vita game trade

#1627 vic_x51   World Warrior CAGiversary!   1826 Posts   Joined 9.3 Years Ago  

Posted 27 November 2012 - 08:23 PM

Have Trade & Sale:
-Batman AC Catwomen
- Fallout New Vegas Mercenary Pack
- Uncharted 3 Online Pass
-Fear 3 online pass with extra maps

- psn/amazon/gs $
-DLC: LBP2/ zen pinball/ tekken tag bikini
- psn Home stuff
- whatever else

#1628 StilesCrisis   CAG in Training CAGiversary!   131 Posts   Joined 4.9 Years Ago  


Posted 27 November 2012 - 10:48 PM

Have: Paypal/Amazon Payments

- Deus Ex: The Missing Link DLC
- Assassin's Creed 3 Season Pass

#1629 Bossman94   CAG in Training CAGiversary!   228 Posts   Joined 5.0 Years Ago  

Posted 27 November 2012 - 11:53 PM

Want: Sleeping Dogs Dlc

Make Offer

#1630 WiiNet  

Posted 28 November 2012 - 06:20 AM

Smart As full game code
Lumines full game code
Stardust Delta full game code

Amazon GC
All Star Battle Royale full game code

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#1631 SackManBoy   Trading Timeout - Under Investigation Trading Timeout - Under Review   520 Posts   Joined 4.8 Years Ago  


Posted 28 November 2012 - 07:45 AM


and now i feel like a dirty pimp

^ill leave that part

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#1632 itsoverninethousand   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   90 Posts   Joined 7.2 Years Ago  


Posted 28 November 2012 - 08:54 AM


ive never done anything like this before, so i know this may be a shot in the dark.
my psn account has over $1000 dollars worth of content bought and downloaded. im willing to let someone have 1 hour with it to download whatever for a good chunk of amazon cash. and because this is so risky for me, read the big rule above in red.

i will send a list of all my content so youll know to look for.

a few examples of what i have: hitman absolution, ps allstars ps3 and vita, doom bfg, unfinished swan, journey, soundshapes, all the good ones lol.

and now i feel like a dirty pimp

edit: making a list now

What a novel idea!! I'll offer you one 48 hr xbla code for access, kthxbye.
Also that $1000 you spent on PSN games aren't yours to sell second-hand. Developers worked hard making those games, stop leeching their hard work. Lol, them new CAGs I tell you.

#1633 Awcrap   CAG Veteran CAGiversary!   276 Posts   Joined 12.7 Years Ago  

Posted 28 November 2012 - 09:17 AM

Hey guys I have a code for the Vita version of PS All-Stars. I'm wanting to trade for a $20 PSN code.
Any offers or anyone with good feedback interested feel free to PM me. :)

#1634 USF   CAG Veteran CAGiversary!   14 Posts   Joined 9.2 Years Ago  

Posted 28 November 2012 - 09:28 AM

PS+ 1-month trials (x2)
$10 PSN / 800 MSP / or $10 Amazon

US only

#1635 SackManBoy   Trading Timeout - Under Investigation Trading Timeout - Under Review   520 Posts   Joined 4.8 Years Ago  


Posted 28 November 2012 - 09:28 AM

What a novel idea!! I'll offer you one 48 hr xbla code for access, kthxbye.
Also that $1000 you spent on PSN games aren't yours to sell second-hand. Developers worked hard making those games, stop leeching their hard work. Lol, them new CAGs I tell you.

deleted the post, sorry bout that. but in my defense.....arent we all kinda leeching off the developers hardwork? i doubt superbot is seeing much from all these ps allstar vita codes. But in your defense.....my way was definitely not the best way to go about it lol. sorry for the clutter.

#1636 Big McLargeHuge   CAG in Training Validating   44 Posts   Joined 5.2 Years Ago  

Big McLargeHuge

Posted 28 November 2012 - 04:53 PM

PSN Code for God of War: Origins Collection

$15 Paypal

#1637 Kitty_Moore   CAG Veteran CAGiversary!   57 Posts   Joined 5.1 Years Ago  


Posted 28 November 2012 - 11:07 PM


LittleBIGPlanet™ PS Vita Pre-order Pack * not online pass *
PS Plus - 1 month (x2)
Papo & Yo! ( PS3 Digital game )

KillZone 2 & 3 Maps Pack.
God of War Orgins Collection


PSN Cards.
PSN Games. ( prefer : The Unfinished Swan , Journey )

Offers but no paypal please !!

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#1638 PancakesAreLove   CAG Chef CAGiversary!   5542 Posts   Joined 5.9 Years Ago  


Posted 29 November 2012 - 12:56 AM

EU/UK PSN card
paypal/Amazon gc

God of war origins collection code

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#1639 Fayyaz100   Trading Timeout - Under Review Trading Timeout - Under Review   133 Posts   Joined 7.2 Years Ago  

Posted 29 November 2012 - 01:08 AM


1 PlayStation Plus 1-month membership
5 Assassin's Creed III Benedict Arnold Packs
1 Bulletstorm Limited Edition Online Pass
1 Dead or Alive 5 Online Pass
1 Dead Space 2 Online Pass
1 Medal of Honor Limited Edition Online Pass
1 Spec Ops: The Line - FUBAR Pack


Amazon.com gift card codes
Microsoft Points
Xbox Live DLC (check my list for what I want)

2 bucks for the 1 PlayStation Plus 1-month membership?

#1640 theking20   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   4620 Posts   Joined 10.9 Years Ago  

Posted 29 November 2012 - 02:31 AM

long shot but i'll try anyway

anyone want to trade their physical copy of playstation all stars for my digital code copy of ps all stars.

#1641 karekano126   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   391 Posts   Joined 7.2 Years Ago  


Posted 29 November 2012 - 03:17 AM


PS Allstars BR vita code for download $20
God of war origins collection code for download $10
Batman AC catwoman DLC code $2

Amazon GC code/credit

#1642 Shawzborne   CAG Veteran CAGiversary!   391 Posts   Joined 6.1 Years Ago  

Posted 29 November 2012 - 04:28 AM


1 month PlayStation Plus

Microsoft Points


Rock Band Blitz PSN

#1643 StealOfADeal   It's a S-O-A-D! CAGiversary!   665 Posts   Joined 6.6 Years Ago  


Posted 29 November 2012 - 06:54 AM

-$10 off PS3 game from AMAZON. Slightly off topic perhaps?

But wouldn't mind trading with someone. Is this off topic or need to be elsewhere? Sorry if I'm screwing up the mojo.

-PSN+ code (A month)
-PS3 or PSN codes. Not sure really, message me and see what we can work out. I already have ACIII.

"If she'll learn to play a video game. Keep her!" :D


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#1644 Rockinjs   Trading Time Out (Under Investigation) Do not trade! Trading Timeout - Under Review   999 Posts   Joined 5.9 Years Ago  

Posted 29 November 2012 - 12:47 PM

Have: God of war origins collection code

Want: $10 amazon GC

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#1645 ginjaninja88   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   154 Posts   Joined 7.2 Years Ago  


Posted 29 November 2012 - 03:45 PM

Have Target LBP karting code for the kart and costume dlc

Want offers , UV codes , paypal

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#1646 crashlen0   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   186 Posts   Joined 5.8 Years Ago  

Posted 29 November 2012 - 04:22 PM

Selling: Nuketown 2025 Multiplayer Map Code *Accepting Paypal only really negotiable*
Want: Playstation All-Stars Pre-Order Bonus Costumes Code *Paying with Paypal

#1647 InSight_2k   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   71 Posts   Joined 5.4 Years Ago  


Posted 29 November 2012 - 07:32 PM


Prototype 2 Pre-order Suit for PS HOME (US)- multiple codes
Uncharted 3 Online Pass (US)
Starhawk- Sweet Tooth Multiplayer Skin DLC (US)
StarDrone (EU)
StarDrone Extreme (EU) PS Vita
Wizorb :hot:Ending Soon:hot:
Ratchet and Clank Full Frontal Assault Beta
DUST 514 beta (multiple codes)
Rainbow Moon (US)
Call Of Duty Elite 1year Membership (US)
Starhawk Limited Theme+ Soundtrack (EU)
Last of US Dynamic Theme (US)
Gran Tourismo 5- Jaguar Chromeline DLC
Fighting Fantasy: Talisman of Death
Call of Duty MW3 Collection 2 DLC (US)
Rainbow Moon Soundrack Code
Ultimate MIB Voucher containing Furniture and Clothes for Playstation Home ($30+ worth)
Starhawk Rift Hunter Multiplayer Skin DLC
Ratchet and Clank All 4 One Bundle (Avatars, themes, Ps Home Items)
Gran Turismo 5 Chromeline DLC+Limited GT5 Theme :hot::hot::hot: Code Expires 31/12 :hot::hot::hot:
Agarest Generation of War Zero
PS Home LOOT Pet Furniture
PS Home LOOT Worm guy (No longer available)
PS Home LOOT Space Station

MW3 Collection 3 DLC, and Max Payne3 Map DLC.

Raider-Z and Guns of Icarus Beta Keys for Steam and a Humble Indie Bundle V.

Want(Looking for):

Most of PSN Games
PS Home Stuff
PSN Portuguese Credit
Do some offers i might want something

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#1648 hotpocketninja   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   331 Posts   Joined 9.2 Years Ago  


Posted 30 November 2012 - 01:51 AM

(2)Price is Right: Decades PSN
(1)Zack Zero PSN
(1)Beyond Good and Evil HD PSN
(1)Shoot Many Robots PSN
(1)PixelJunk 4am PSN
(2) Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock PSN
(1) Dungeon Twister
(2) Foosball PS3/PSVita
(1) Dyad
(1) Zen Pinball 2 Plants vs. Zombies DLC
(1) Naughty Bear: PiP (XBLA)
(1) Machinarium
(1)Darksiders 2 (Steam)
(1)Retro City Rampage (Steam)
(1) Worms Revolution (XBLA)
(1) Zombie Driver HD (XBLA)
(1) Walking Dead Episode 4 (XBLA)
(1) Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Full Download code with pre-order bonus for PS3 and Vita. want $40 PSN card/Amazon credit
(1) Chronovolt EU PSN
(1) Planets Under Attack PSN
(1) Sine Mora PSN


PSN Offers (Sound Shapes, Journey, Scary Girl or other PSN games)

I don't want the following: DLCs, PS One Classics, PS2 Classics, XBLA Games, Online passes, Game Sharing, Amazon credits, PayPal (I dont have Paypal and don't know how to use it), VITA games, or PS+ game offers (I have PS plus)

**I've read posts from other CAGs in this forum about the bad trade they had, I will no longer be sending my codes first. I just don't want to be one of the victim.. Don't trade with me if you want me to send the code first.

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#1649 Confucius   Corporate Shill CAGiversary!   16256 Posts   Joined 9.4 Years Ago  

Posted 30 November 2012 - 04:12 AM


Fallout New Vegas Classic Pack
Sims 3 Online Pass
Assassin's Creed Revelations Passport
Shift 2 Unleashed Online Pass Limited Edition
Mortal Kombat Avatar and Themes
Mortal Kombat Ermac Costume


Nintendo Coins
XBLA points


I'm 100% shocked that books still exist in today's day and age. I thought they'd be out by now. They make up like 1% of today's entertainment and unless you're 60 or older, stray away from books and start emersing yourself with real entertainment.


Codes for Free / Codes for Trade

#1650 Olegdr   CAG in Training CAGiversary!   75 Posts   Joined 5.0 Years Ago  

Posted 30 November 2012 - 11:02 AM

Got it!

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